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Emacs 21.1 released

From: Gerd Moellmann
Subject: Emacs 21.1 released
Date: 28 Oct 2001 09:29:09 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.1.50

GNU Emacs 21.1 has been released.  It is available on the GNU ftp
sites at and the mirrors of that site (see
below for a list.)

  Emacs 21.1 includes support for proportional fonts: characters in a
line can be of variable width and lines can have variable heights.  It
also supports including images in text.  Emacs 21.1 adds a number of
new user-interface features: it has tool bars for executing frequently
used commands, it supports native scroll bars, it displays tool tips,
and it has a mouse-sensitive mode line.  Even on text-only terminals,
Emacs 21.1 supports colors and other display attributes.

  Bug reports should go to address@hidden  You can use the
function M-x report-emacs-bug to do this.

  Executables for various systems and information about using gzip can
be found at the URL
  With the release of version 21.1, the Emacs development sources are
accessible via anonymous CVS from
The anonymous CVS services are provided by Savannah, GNU's SourceForge-like
system for project collaboration.

  A public mailing list `emacs-devel' was created for for Emacs
developers; please see <URL:>.

  On 2001-11-01, Gerd Moellmann <address@hidden> will step down as Emacs
maintainer, and Richard Stallman <address@hidden> will take over.

  Here is a longer list of the new features of Emacs 21.  It is not
complete, please see etc/NEWS for a complete list.

- Support for proportial text, including variable-height lines.

- Support for displaying colors and some other attributes on 
- Inclusion of images in the text.

- Tool bars.

- Tooltips.

- Mouse-sensitive mode-line.

- Built-in horizontal scrolling.

- Built-in minibuffer and echo area resizing.

- Support for fonts with oversized characters and for italic fonts.

- New face implementation, removing the former dependence on X font
  names, and including face inheritance.

- New face attributes for displaying boxes, overlines, strike-through.

- Sound support.

- LessTif support.

- Support for LessTif/Motif and Xaw3d scroll bars.

- Wheel mouse support.

- Busy-cursor display.

- Improved menu bar layout.

  For information on how to order GNU software on CD-ROM and
  printed GNU manuals, see
  or e-mail a request to: address@hidden
  By ordering your GNU software from the FSF, you help us continue to
develop more free software.  Media revenues are our primary source of
support.  Donations to FSF are deductible on US tax returns.
  The above software will soon be at these ftp sites as well.

  Please try them before as is very busy!   A
possibly more up-to-date list is at the URL
  thanx address@hidden

  Here are the mirrored ftp sites for the GNU Project, listed by country: 
  United States:
  California -,  
  Hawaii -
  Illinois - (Internet address
  Kentucky -
  Maryland - (Internet address  
  Massachusetts -
  Michigan -
  Missouri -
  New Mexico -
  New York -
  Ohio -
  Tennessee -
  Virginia -
  Washington -
  South Africa -
  The Americas:
  Brazil -
  Brazil -
  Brazil -
  Canada -
  Chile - (Internet address   Costa
  Rica -
  Mexico -
  Australia - (archie.oz or for ACSnet)  
  Australia -
  Australia -
  Japan -
  Japan -
  Japan -
  Korea - (Internet address
  Saudi Arabia -
  Taiwan -
  Taiwan -
  Taiwan -
  Thailand - (Internet address - 
  Austria -
  Austria -
  Belgium -
  Austria -
  Czech Republic -
  Denmark -
  Denmark -
  Finland -
  France -
  France -
  Germany -
  Germany -
  Germany -
  Greece -
  Greece -
  Greece - (Internet address  
  Hungary -
  Ireland - (Internet address   Italy
  Netherlands - (Internet address
  Netherlands -
  Netherlands - (Internet address  
  Norway - (Internet address   
  Poland -
  Portugal - 
  Portugal -
  Portugal -
  Russia -
  Slovenia -
  Spain -
  Sweden -
  Sweden -
  Sweden -
  Sweden - (Internet address
        Also mirrors the Mailing List Archives.
  Sweden -
  Switzerland -
  Switzerland - (Internet address   
  United Kingdom - (Internet address 
  United Kingdom -
  United Kingdom - (Internet address  
  United Kingdom - (Internet address 

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