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GNU Gengetopt 2.6

From: Lorenzo Bettini
Subject: GNU Gengetopt 2.6
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 14:39:28 +0100

GNU Gengetopt 2.6 has been released.  It is available from and mirrors of that site (see list of
mirror sites at

GNU Gengetopt generates a C function that uses getopt_long function 
to parse the command line options, validate them and fill a

Changes in this version:

   * fixed documentation (thanks to Francesco Potorti <address@hidden>)
   * function names and names used in #ifndef directives in generated
     sources are canonized, thus avoiding errors by the compiler
     by Francesco Potorti and Alexey Mahotkin <address@hidden>)
   * fixed line number when reporting an error in a .ggo file, and '\n'
     no longer needed at the end of a .ggo file (notified by Francesco
   * in the generated parser use HAVE_STRDUP to check whether the
     strdup function can be used, and use EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE
     exit (suggested by Frans E. van Dorsselaer <address@hidden>)
   * do not exit with error if an empty desc for an option is given
     to Excoffier Denis <address@hidden>)
   * fixed a bug in creation of string for the comment header in the
     generated sources (thanks to Xavier Trochu <address@hidden>)
   * Added default values in options for integer and string options
     help of Ralf Zeise <address@hidden>)

Visit the Gengetopt home page at

Bug reports should go to address@hidden


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