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GNU MiG version 1.3 released

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: GNU MiG version 1.3 released
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 17:06:03 -0500 (EST)

We are pleased to announce version 1.3 of the GNU distribution of the
Mach 3.0 interface generator `MiG'.  It may be found in the file (about 145 KB compressed).

Diffs from version 1.2 are in
(about 6 KB compressed, 15 KB uncompressed).  Relative to version 1.2,
version 1.3 contains only some minor fixes.

You need this tool to compile the gnumach and hurd distributions,
and to compile GNU libc for the Hurd.

Bug reports relating to this distribution should be sent to
address@hidden  Requests for assistance should be made on

The md5sum checksum for this distibution is:

45c2b7456727d81dbd75f7152f8136fd  mig-1.3.tar.gz

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