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Autotools Bootstrapper

From: Anthony Ventimiglia
Subject: Autotools Bootstrapper
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 06:09:23 +0000 (GMT)

        The bootstrapper program is used to create a customized bootstrap 
by scanning a project's file. By scanning the autoconf macros 
in , bootstrapper determines which programs need to be used to 
create a usable configure script, then creates a bootstrap script which is 
custom tailored to your project's configuration.

      The resulting bootstrap script is nice for a developer to rebuild the 
configure script and files. It is especially nice for a project 
which may be downloaded off of a cvs server. By including a bootstrap 
script in a cvs repository, all auto generated files related to configure 
can be excluded from the cvs repository.

      On the other side it is also useful for a developer importing a new 
project onto a cvs repository. Instead of removing auto-generated files by 
hand, one would simply have to run `make distclean' then `./bootstrap 
--clean' to remove all auto-generated files.

(Note: "bootstrapper" is not a GNU project, but this release announcement
may be of interest to developers working with GNU tools. "bootstrapper" is
free software.  - FSF staff)

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