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Announcing WebPublish

From: Charles Henry Schoonover
Subject: Announcing WebPublish
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 05:13:01 -0600
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Announcing the new GNU software package called, "WebPublish."

WebPublish is a command line utility for the GNU/Linux operating system that 
can be used to publish a website to one or more remote servers using File 
Transfer Protocol (FTP). To do this, WebPublish maintains a database of 
accounts. Each account contains the information that is required to transfer 
a website to a remote server.

WebPublish will only transfer the files and diretories that have been added or 
changed in the local copy of a website to a server. Furthermore, WebPublish 
can be used to remove only the files and directories from the server that are 
no longer a part of the local copy of a website.

Finally, a special feature of WebPublish allows you to have a shell program 
called each time that a file with a specific extension is about to be 
transferred to a remote server. This makes it easy to write a script or a 
program that can make alterations to a file just before it is transferred.

You can learn more about WebPublish from the WebPublish home webpage at

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