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New version of The Electric VLSI Design System

From: Steven Rubin
Subject: New version of The Electric VLSI Design System
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 15:22:13 -0800

I am pleased to announce that version 6.07 of the Electric VLSI Design System is available. Visit us at for downloads and other products. As always, the source code is free. This release has many minor improvements and some notable major features:

> A much faster Design Rule Checker.

> A new Antenna-Rules checker.

> A Mac OS/X support using Qt.

Happy designing!

Attention non-English speakers! I'd like your help to spread the word. If you can translate a single Static Free Software web page into your language, we can tell others about Electric. The page is Let me know if you can help. Also check out the international socket icons in the "About Electric" dialog!

        -Steven Rubin

P.S. Users who have paid for binaries may download updates at the same location.

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