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texinfo 4.5 available

From: Karl Berry
Subject: texinfo 4.5 available
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 12:31:56 -0500

I have released version 4.5 of Texinfo, the GNU documentation format,
with supporting programs.  

The only notable change is fixing a bug I introduced in 4.4 -- info
couldn't find compressed files.  Sorry.

You can get it by anonymous ftp from
and its mirrors worldwide (see

The Texinfo home page is

Please email bugs or suggestions to address@hidden,
general discussion to address@hidden


4.5 (4 February 2003)
* info:
  . a bug in 4.4 prevented compressed info files from being found.
* Distribution:
  . detect sys/ptem.h on Solaris.

4.4 (31 January 2003)
* Language:
  . The ' (ASCII apostrophe/right quote) character is finally allowed in
    node and anchor names.  Thus, after installing this texinfo.tex,
    existing .aux files will cause errors!  Remove them and rerun TeX to
    generate good ones.
  . @value constructs are now expanded in the filename arguments to
    @include and @verbatiminclude.
* makeinfo:
  . bug fix: @copying text is now reflected in tag table positions;
    before, nodes may not have been found with a long-enough @copying.
  . bug fix: html @verb arg is quoted properly, and does not imply
    a paragraph break.
* texinfo.tex:
  . @smallexample and the like now output in a smaller font (9pt) in all
    paper formats, not just @smallbook and @afourpaper.
  . new translation txi-tr.tex.
  . bug fix: <>| and other characters do not disappear when they are
    first on a line in @verbatim.
* install-info:
  . bug fix: don't translate the `* Menu' info keyword.
* info:
  . CTRL-H is treated like DEL in incremental search.
  . arrow keys once again work in isearch contexts under Solaris.
* infokey:
  . use .info key bindings before defaults.
  . allow prefix keys to be disabled.
* Distribution:
  . update to GNU FDL 1.2 (
  . getopt and other common library files updated from gnulib
  . autoconf 2.57, automake 1.7.2.

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