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Mailutils 0.4 released

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Mailutils 0.4 released
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 10:42:55 +0300


The Mailutils team is pleased to announce the release of GNU Mailutils 0.4.
The release is available by anonymous FTP from:

and from mirrors worldwide -- see <>.

The md5 checksums of the files are:

fbab7ff66f9518b64d8b35d4b562ddf3  mailutils-0.4.tar.bz2
849465233c156f56f135416f6f966316  mailutils-0.4.tar.bz2.sig
40a2cccc00ac13439f50086f65d62883  mailutils-0.4.tar.gz
4a0ca3ef2fa9cb2070e62a2060c411f9  mailutils-0.4.tar.gz.sig

GNU Mailutils is a collection of utilities for handling electronic mail.
It contains a series of useful mail clients and servers built around
the single core library.

Specifically, the package contains a pop3, an imap4 server, and a sieve
mail filter. It also provides a POSIX `mailx' client, and a collection of
other tools. All programs are capable of reading and storing mail in a
variety of formats.

More information about the package is available from the following

Please email bugs or suggestions to <address@hidden>.

New in this release:

* Bug fixes:

** Fixed improper use of size_t instead of off_t which caused
coredumps on systems where the two types have different sizes.

** iterator_t is rewritten to make list traversal more effective.
Traversing a list of n elements takes O(n), instead of O(n*(n+1)/2)
time units.

** Fixed memory allocation bug in mailbox/mu_auth.c

** Various fixes and improvements in MH in order to interoperate better
with MH-E.

** Correctly handle MIME parts with an empty body.

* Major Changes

** The library has been split into the core library (libmailbox), and
the protocol implementation libraries, which are named as
libmu_$PROTO. For example, the library for MBOX mailbox formats is

** The support for TLS protocol has been added to libmu_imap and
libmu_pop. This means that you can now use TLS with every
Mailutils client program.

* New features in libmailbox

** implemented header unfolding

** argcv_get unescapes all unprintable characters, argcv_string
escapes them.

* New features in libsieve

** Implemented boolean shortcuts for evaluating ALLOF and ANYOF

* New features in pop3d

** more extensive diagnostics for APOP authentications

** Save headers even if the session was aborted. This ensures
the persistence of message unique-ids as required by RFC 1939.

** popauth: new option --create.

The option allows to convert a plaintext file into DBM database.

* New features in mail

** New configuration file variable `mailx' enables the mailx
compatibility mode. This is mainly visible when composing a message.
In mailx compatibility mode, mail asks for Cc and Bcc addresses after
composing the body.
The default behavior is to ask for these values before composing
the body.

** New variable `charset' controls the decoding of MIME-encoded headers

** New commands `unfold' and `nounfold' allow to specify the headers
whose values should be unfolded before display.

* mh

Lots of bugfixes regarding compatibility issues and interoperation
with MH-E. This version of MH has been tested with MH-E 7.4.2+cvs.

** New program: ali

** New profile variables
*** Charset
Controls the character set in which the components decoded via
the `decode' format function should be output.

*** Reply-Regex
Sets the regular expression used to recognize reply messages.

** New format functions
*** reply_regex
Sets the regular expression used to recognize reply messages.

*** isreply
Returns true if its argument is the reply message subject string,
i.e. if it matches the "reply subject" regular expression.


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