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GNU Libidn 0.4.5 alpha released

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: GNU Libidn 0.4.5 alpha released
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 19:38:59 +0200
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GNU Libidn is an implementation of the Stringprep, Punycode and IDNA
specifications defined by the IETF Internationalized Domain Names
(IDN) working group, used for internationalized domain names.  The
library contains a generic Stringprep implementation that does Unicode
3.2 NFKC normalization, mapping and prohibitation of characters, and
bidirectional character handling.  Profiles for Nameprep, iSCSI, SASL
and XMPP are included.  Punycode and ASCII Compatible Encoding (ACE)
via IDNA are supported.  A mechanism to define Top-Level Domain (TLD)
specific validation tables, and to compare strings against those
tables, is included.  Default tables for some TLDs are also included.

Here are the compressed sources:   (1.6MB)   (1.6MB)

Here are GPG detached signatures:

Here are the build reports for various platforms:

Here are the MD5 and SHA1 signatures:

d0f3ad54b175be8b352ebe2d1550fcc6  libidn-0.4.5.tar.gz
96619758bd51a36c994ed72f5a76c0b8  libidn-0.4.5.tar.gz.sig
f8414b271fc31fc70916fa002ce3098dc24097a8  libidn-0.4.5.tar.gz
4d7c2181a313794d2a3d60840c93b38c1857ce40  libidn-0.4.5.tar.gz.sig

Noteworthy changes since version 0.4.3 (the last version announced here):

* Version 0.4.5 (released 2004-05-21)

** In IDNA ToUnicode, a `free' on a stale pointer fixed by Ulrich Drepper.

** Several memory leaks fixed by Ulrich Drepper.

** Added more SASLPrep and NFKC test vectors.

** Automake 1.8.4 is used.

** API and ABI is backwards compatible with the previous version.
idn_free: ADD.  Wrapper around system `free'.
idn-free.h: ADD.  Prototype for `idn_free'.
                See idn-free.h for discussion.  The interface is
                currently not documented.  Comments and feedback is

* Version 0.4.4 (released 2004-04-29)

** Fixed two bugs in iSCSI definition, syncing with newly published RFC 3722.
The first bug was an omission of prohibiting the characters in C.1.1,
C.1.2 and C.7 (space characters and characters that are inappropriate
for canonical representation).  The second was a bug in the definition
of the table, causing the entire table to be skipped, of the special
prohibited output character table defined in RFC 3722 (see section 6,
the characters in the table are various ASCII characters and U+3002).

** A few test vectors for iSCSI were added.

** The self tests are linked with libtool -no-install to avoid wrapper script.

** Separated self test utilities into a separate library, shared by all tests.

** More translations.
Added Romanian (by Laurentiu Buzdugan).

** API and ABI is backwards compatible with the previous version.

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