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GNU Shishi 0.0.16 alpha released

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: GNU Shishi 0.0.16 alpha released
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 19:14:30 +0200
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Shishi is a (still incomplete) implementation of the Kerberos 5
network authentication system.  Shishi can be used to authenticate
users in distributed systems.

Shishi contains a library ('libshishi') that can be used by
application developers to add support for Kerberos 5.  Shishi contains
a command line utility ('shishi') that is used by users to acquire and
manage tickets (and more).  The server side, a Key Distribution
Center, is implemented by 'shishid', and support X.509 authenticated
TLS via GnuTLS.  Of course, a manual documenting usage aspects as well
as the programming API is included.

Shishi currently supports AS/TGS exchanges for acquiring tickets, the
AP exchange for performing client and server authentication, and
SAFE/PRIV for integrity/privacy protected application data exchanges.
The DES, 3DES, ARCFOUR, and AES cryptographic algorithms are

Shishi aims to be internationalized, thread safe and portable.  Shishi
is written in ANSI/ISO C89, and has been ported to numerous platforms,
including most major Unix platforms and Windows, running on devices
including iPAQ handhelds and S/390 mainframes.  Shishi can even be
cross compiled to embedded platforms such as Motorola Coldfire.

Current work items include improvements on the server (KDC),
integration of initial authentication via OpenPGP using GnuTLS,
set-passwd implementation, and a LDAP backend for the Shisa library
used in the KDC for information storage.  Assistance is appreciated on
any of these (or other) items.

Shishi is supported commercially; contact me if you have special needs
or requirements.

Shishi is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License.

The project page of the library is available at:

Here are the compressed sources:         (2.6MB)   (2.6MB)

Here are GPG detached signatures using key 0xB565716F:

Here are the build reports for various platforms:

Here are the MD5/SHA1 checksums:

6e7de1d626417de344a9d1ceda1fb294  shishi-0.0.16.tar.gz
8facdde583b2479303312344c0bff608  shishi-0.0.16.tar.gz.sig
ac3cddbbf0596c8ec740f3a03c4a96859428d5b1  shishi-0.0.16.tar.gz
3eed3eac757de9d6f993d849ffa0ac13685dd76d  shishi-0.0.16.tar.gz.sig

Noteworthy changes since the last release:

** New environment variables to override defaults in Shishi library.
SHISHI_USER specifies default client username, SHISHI_HOME specifies
user Shishi home directory (for configuration file, ticket cache,
etc), SHISHI_TICKETS the ticket cache file, SHISHI_CONFIG for the
system configuration file, SHISHI_KEYS for system wide host keys.

** Experimental KDC now handle non-default ticket life time.

** Nettle is now preferred over Libgcrypt, even if Libgcrypt is available.
Use configure parameter --with-libgcrypt to override.  Nettle is the
minimalistic crypto library included with Shishi.

** The pkg-config script no longer use the linker parameter -R.

** Libtasn1 updated to 0.2.10.

** Many gnulib compatibility files were updated.

** Cross compile builds should work.
It should work for any sane cross compile target, but the only tested
platform is uClibc/uClinux on Motorola Coldfire.

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