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GNU C Library version 2.3.3 release

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: GNU C Library version 2.3.3 release
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 04:10:01 -0400 (EDT)

Version 2.3.3 of the GNU C Library is now available for download at:

Please see for mirror sites around the world.

This is an interim release and the C library's developers do not
recommend that users build this release at all.  This goes beyond the
admonitions we usually make that updating the C library is no trivial
task and it is very easy to damage one's system.  In fact, this
release represents a snapshot of development state during a stable
period around the end of 2003.  Development of the C library has
progressed since, and many outstanding problems found in the 2.3.3
code are already known and have been addressed.  Maintainers of
GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd binary distributions already base their systems
on development snapshots that contain the changes between 2.3.2 and
this 2.3.3 release.  The purpose of this release is to provide a newer
common baseline for the source code that people are already using.  If
you are not involved in maintaining a binary distribution package of
the GNU C Library already based on something later than the 2.3.2
release, then this release is not for you.

Since the 2.3.2 release was made, the C Library's developers have been
rethinking the procedures by which we make releases.  In future, the
release process will be more aligned with how people actually use the
GNU C Library's code in building whole systems and better coordinated
with contributions from the maintainers of those distributions.  We
anticipate the 2.3.4 release will be the first milestone of the move
towards new ways of making glibc releases.

The following files are available:

b45c4cfa714a4688c319149c15a1e060  glibc-2.3.3.tar.gz                    (16.7M)
e825807b98042f807799ccc9dd96d31b  glibc-2.3.3.tar.bz2                   (12.4M)
9006b8bff18beb864f6053857f25b410  glibc-linuxthreads-2.3.3.tar.gz       (303k)
8149ea62922e75bd692bc3b92e5e766b  glibc-linuxthreads-2.3.3.tar.bz2      (224k)
fdd40a37dc4d867e6590de1e9e71fa73  glibc-2.3.2-2.3.3.diff.gz             (2.8M)
2ed557ccd79d567a90c466dd630ea49b  glibc-2.3.2-2.3.3.diff.bz2            (2.1M)

Note the `linuxthreads' package is required to build a useful system C
library for use with Linux kernels prior to version 2.6.  To build a
configuration supporting only Linux 2.6 kernels or to build for
GNU/Hurd, the package is not required.  The main glibc-2.3.3 release
package contains the Native POSIX Threads Library (NPTL) contributed
by Ulrich Drepper, which supports Linux 2.6 kernels only.

This release like all others was made possible by the contributions of many
people.  We are very grateful to all of them, and chief among those are:

                Ulrich Drepper  
                Jakub Jelinek  
                Andreas Jaeger  
                Alexandre Oliva  
                Andreas Schwab  
                Steven Munroe  
                H.J. Lu  
                Thorsten Kukuk  
                Richard Henderson  
                Daniel Jacobowitz  
                Philip Blundell  
                Martin Schwidefsky  
                Kaz Kojima  
                Guido Guenther  
                David Mosberger  
                Carlos O'Donell  
                Alfred M. Szmidt  
                Paolo Bonzini  
                GOTO Masanori  

Roland McGrath for the GNU C Library Developers

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