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GNU MDK 1.2 released

From: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz
Subject: GNU MDK 1.2 released
Date: Sun, 08 Aug 2004 16:25:21 +0200
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GNU MDK 1.2 has been released.  It is available from and mirrors of that site (see list of
mirror sites at

GNU MDK provides a simulator of D. Knuth's MIX computer, and a
development environment to write, run and debug MIXAL programs on it.

New in this release:

** Graphical user interface (gmixvm) updated to gtk+ 2.4.x

   - gmixvm now uses the latest version of the gtk+ toolkit, including
     antialiased Pango fonts.
   - Individually detachable windows for the virtual machine, the
     source window and the devices notebook (there is no 'split mode'
   - Detachable toolbars.
   - Current source line and breakpoints are now marked via icons.
   - New menu option to change all fonts at once.

** German i18n available (thanks to Mike Scholz). Set LANG to
   de_DE.UTF-8 to use it.

** mixasm includes debug info in compiled mix files by default: the
   options -g and --debug are gone; if you want to compile without
   debug info, use -O or --ndebug.

Visit the MDK home page at

Bug reports should go to address@hidden


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