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GNU mcron 1.0.1 released

From: dale_mellor
Subject: GNU mcron 1.0.1 released
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 12:32:38 -0000

GNU mcron is a 100% Vixie cron replacement written in Guile. Crontabs may be
written in scheme (as well as the traditional Vixie format), giving an infinite
amount of extra flexibility over the original design. For example, jobs can be
specified to run on the penultimate day of the month, or could be scheduled
dynamically according to the load on the system.

There are no new features or even bug fixes in this release, it simply reflects
the fact that it is now fully homed at; now that some semblance of
sanity is seeping back into the world ;-) mcron can be found in the web-holes

    Announcements mailing list:  address@hidden
    User community list:         address@hidden
    Bug reports to:              address@hidden

Now that things are in place, some feedback would be real welcome; since 1.0.0
was released to the world on 12th December, 2003 (or thereabouts) I haven't
heard a titter about it, from which I can conclude that either

         - it is already perfection personified (read `gnuified')
         - nobody is using it.

Thanks, Dale

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