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RELEASED: Mailman 2.1.8

From: Tokio Kikuchi
Subject: RELEASED: Mailman 2.1.8
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 14:41:07 +0900
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On behalf of the development team, I'm pleased to announce the release
of GNU Mailman 2.1.8.  In this release, we have fixed a cross-site
scripting security bug in the previous release (CVE-2006-1712),
integrated a new version of email library (email-2.5.7), and added
bounce processing supports for number of sites and MUAs.  It is highly
recommended that all sites using 2.1.7 and before should update to this

Mailman is free software for managing email mailing lists and e-newsletters.

For more information, see:

For links to download the Mailman 2.1.8 source tarball, see:

(Note that uploading to the mirror sites may be delayed.)

Tokio Kikuchi

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