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adns (security boundary tool) 1.0.5 released

From: Ian Jackson
Subject: adns (security boundary tool) 1.0.5 released
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 15:19:27 +0100

Hash: SHA1

GNU adns 1.3 is now released.

adns is an easy-to-use asynchronous-capable DNS client library for use
in C programs, plus a collection of command line utilities for DNS

For more information, including the API documentation, list of
utilities, links to adns bindings for other languages, etc., see the
project page at:
The adns source distribution is also available at:
If you have queries, please join the adns-discuss mailing list in
preference to mailing the author.  Thank you.

This is a maintenance release.  It fixes many portability problems and
a couple of minor bugs, and provides several new features including
SRV RR support.  Thanks to the many people who provided feedback and
bug reports and have helped improve the package quality.

SHA1 checksum:
bbd1f5ac83eceae0158c98af021f9259d7a69657  adns-1.3.tar.gz

MD5 checksum:
d19cddcc11ce3183549bab7f136e0f73  adns-1.3.tar.gz

Changes to adns since 1.1 (the last version announced on info-gnu):

adns (1.2); urgency=medium

  New features:
  * Support for SRV RRs.
  * Support for unknown RR types (according to RFC3597) via adns_r_unknown.
  * Allow `;'-comments in resolv.conf (report from Colin Charles).    
  * New adnsheloex client courtesy of Tony Finch.
  * New adns_init_logfn etc. for having logging use a callback function.

  * Fix error in prototype in definition of adns__parse_domain.
  * Add missing ENOTSOCK to hcommon.c.m4 (was already in hcommon.c!)

  Portability fixes prompted by Bernd Eckenfels, the Debian maintainer:
  * Correct type of various printf arguments: ptrdiff_t != int.
  * Do not print size of leaked blocks of memory (this causes
    a spurious regression test failure on some platforms).
  * Provide adns_if_none and adns_qf_none (which will help with compilers
    which complain about plain `0' being passed where an enum is wanted).
  * adnstest converts some errno values to EFOOBAR: all of the ones
    mentioned in adns.h, at least.  This makes the regression test
    more portable (fixes problem noticed by Bernd Eckenfels).
  * Add -Wno-pointer-sign if GCC has that option.

  Documentation improvements:
  * Add documentation comment by definition of adns_r_ptr_raw type enum.
  * Document in adns.h EINVAL from adns_init meaning bad configuration.
  * Include several new references to related programs to README.html.
  * Redacted the TODO list.
  * New LICENCE.WAIVERS file for GPL-incompatility workarounds.
  * Clarified GPL-vs-LGPL: a bit less hostile and a bit more mercenary.
  * Copyright notices updated.

  Packaging changes:
  * Update MINOR to 2 and DISTVERSION and ADNS_VERSION_STRING to 1.2.
  * Reran autoconf/autoheader (autoconf Debian 2.13-54).
  * Create $(bin_dir) and $(lib_dir) on `make install', and also
    make a -><minor> link.  (Suggestions
    and patch from Nix of
  * Add .PHONY: install to Makefile, to help people with demented fs's.
  * Darwin listed in INSTALL.

  Minor test harness improvements:
  * Hgettimeofday calls Tensurerecordfile (was Tensureinput/outputfile).
  * Add bind(2) and listen(2) wrappers (for epithet, but harmless in adns).

 -- Ian Jackson <address@hidden>  Sat,  8 Apr 2006 15:41:28 +0100

adns (1.3); urgency=low

  Portability fixes:
  * Cast ptrdiff_t to int for %.*s length in adnsheloex and adnslogres,
    as is required.  (Report from Jim Meyering.)
  * In, quote macro name argument to define() to
    suppress spurious autoconf error.  (Report from Mihai Ibanescu.)
  * Use autoconf's values for {bin,lib,include}dir rather than inventing
    our own from @exec_prefix@, making configure --libdir work.
    (Patch from Mihai Ibanescu.)
  * Remove spurious `_' from {bin,lib,include}dir Makefile variables.
    (Report from Mihai Ibanescu.)
  * Do away with `mismatch' variable in parse.c:adns__findrr_anychk so that
    overzealous GCC cannot complain about members of eo_fls being
    uninitialised.  (Report from Jim Meyering.)

 -- Ian Jackson <address@hidden>  Tue,  6 Jun 2006 20:22:30 +0100

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