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GNU mailutils 1.0 released

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: GNU mailutils 1.0 released
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2006 19:31:33 +0300


The GNU mailutils team is pleased to announce release of GNU mailutils 1.0.
This is the first stable release since December, 2004, introducing lots
of new features and fixing bugs found so far (see the list at the end of
this message).

The release is available by anonymous FTP from

and from mirrors worldwide -- see <>.

The files and their MD5 checksums are:

06e6ea37b8cde4a41144c6c7fc16ff70  mailutils-1.0.tar.bz2
2d62ce76e7c5bd22c66370b3ed0dafee  mailutils-1.0.tar.bz2.sig
e890b864c7e913847a15ace33c7f8751  mailutils-1.0.tar.gz
07e9be6f4a4d93c8a9e2bca958af065f  mailutils-1.0.tar.gz.sig

GNU Mailutils is a collection of utilities for handling electronic mail.
It contains a series of useful mail clients and servers built around
the single core library.

Specifically, the package contains a pop3, an imap4 server, a sieve
mail filter, and a movemail program.  It also provides a POSIX `mailx'
client, `movemail' - a program for interfacing with GNU Emacs, and
a collection of other tools.  All programs are capable of reading and
storing mail in a variety of formats.

More information about the package is available from the following

Please email bugs or suggestions to <address@hidden>.

The list of noteworthy changes since the last stable release follows:

* The library namespace is optimized to reduce the possibility of name
clashes with other libraries.  All global identifiers begin with mu_.
NOTE: This is incompatible change.

Programs using old API can still be compiled, using one of the
following approaches.  If the program includes <mailutils/mailutils.h>,
define the symbol MU_COMPAT before including it (or invoke cc with
-DMU_COMPAT option).  Otherwise, include file <mailutils/compat.h>.

* Main library is renamed to libmailutils
NOTE: This is incompatible change, unless you use mailutils-config to
obtain loader options (which is recommended, anyway).

* Library changes

** Two new functions (mu_tcp_stream_create_with_source_ip and
mu_tcp_stream_create_with_source_host) allow to create TCP connections
from the given source address. 

** Add support for Berkeley DB 3.x and 4.x
See the description of `--with-berkeley-db' option in the README file.

** Add support for Guile 1.8.x

** The module mailutils.scm is now defined as `(mailutils mailutils)'.
Please change your `(use-modules)' statements accordingly.

** Scheme modules can now be installed in the site-wide Guile directory.
See the description of `--with-guiledir' option in the README file.

** Plaintext passwords for SASL authentication types can be kept in SQL
database.  When used with LOGIN or PLAIN, the passwords may be
encrypted using MySQL password() function.  Mailutils is able to handle
both MySQL 3.x and 4.x passwords.  New option --sql-password-type
specifies what kind of password is returned by --sql-getpass query.  Its
possible values are: `plain' for plaintext passwords, `scrambled' for
passwords hashed using MySQL algorithm and `hash' for MD5 or DES hashed
passwords (default). 

** Maildir support: Implemented removal of messages.

** New SQL driver: odbc

** New authentication method: radius

It allows to authenticate users via RADIUS protocol, using GNU Radius

* All utilities

** Use of '~' character (denoting the user home directory) in URLs

In addition to the usual expansion at the beginning of a word,
this character is also expanded if it appears after the protocol
specification in a mailbox URL. e.g.: maildir:~/Mail/inbox.

It is possible to use '~' in mailutils configuration file.

** New option --mailbox-type

Use this option to specify the default mailbox type.  It is supported
by all utilities that use "mailbox" command line capability (see the
documentation for the list).  For example:

  mail --mailbox-type=mh: --file=~/Mail/inbox

will open ~/Mail/inbox directory as an MH folder.  This option is
especially useful in the mailutils configuration file.  For example,
adding this line to your mailutils.rc:

:mailbox  --mailbox-type=mh:

will force all mail utilities to use MH by default.

* Changes in `mail' utility

** New option --exec (-E) allows to execute arbitrary mail commands
before opening the mailbox.  Any number of --exec options can be given.

** New variables `recursivealiases' and `inplacealiases' control the way
mail aliases are expanded.  When `recursivealiases' is set, aliases
will be expanded recursively.  When `inplacealiases' is set, alias
expansion takes place before entering compose mode (by default, it is
carried out when exiting compose mode, right before sending the
message).  The default is `set recursivealiases noinplacealiases'.

** Improved output of the commands `headers' and `z'

** Improved POSIX compatibility.

In particular, `next' command now works as described by
POSIX.  Following commands change the status of the message to `read':
mbox, pipe, print, top, undelete, visual and decode (a GNU extension).
Implemented following variables: flipr, showto, bang.
The command `touch' does not alter messages that were deleted or saved
to a file.

** The `decode' command uses `mailcap' extension to display
the parts of MIME multy-part messages.  By default the built-in mailcap
engine is used.  Normally `mail' asks for confirmation before running
an interpreter to display a message part, unless the type of the part
is listed in `mimenoask' mail variable.

If `metamail' variable is set, it specifies the external program
to be used instead of the built-in engine.  Thus, settting

      set metamail="metamail -m mail -p"

in your ~/.mailrc enables use of the standard `metamail' program
by `decode'.

Before calling `metamail', the environment variable METAMAIL_PAGER
is set to the value of the variable PAGER.  If `mimenoask' mail
variable is set, its value is passed to `metamail' via MM_NOASK
environment variable.

Unsetting `metamail' variable turns off special interpretation
of MIME parts.

* Changes in `imap4d' utility

New option `--create-home-dir': If a user logs in and his home
directory does not exist, create it.

* Changes in MH suite

** Context file handling

Comments and empty lines are allowed in any MH context file
(.mh_profile, .mtstailor etc.)

Comment is any line whose first non-whitespace character is
`#'.  Notice that `#' looses its special meaning when used as a part of
the keyword or a value. 

** `send' utility

Add support for localname and localdomain mtstailor variables.

New mtstailor variable x-mailer controls whether to add the `X-Mailer'
header to the message being sent, if it does not contain one.  The
value `yes' means to add the default `X-Mailer' string, the value
`no' means to ignore it.  Any other value is taken as the `X-Mailer'
identifier to be added to the message.

** `mhn' utility

In compose mode `mhn' analyzes `Subject:' line and, if it contains any
non-printable characters, encodes it in accordance with RFC
2047.  Encoding type and charset are taken from the first message
part.  They also can be specified in the subject itself using the
following syntax:

 #<encoding=ENC; charset=CSET>CONTENT

* Changes in `libsieve' library

Implemented two new actions: 'vacation' -- an autoresponder, similar to
the Sendmail `vacation' utility, and `moderator' -- an automatic
moderator for Mailman mailing lists.

* Changes in `imap4d' utility

Implemented SASL authentication using LOGIN and PLAIN mechanisms.

* Changes in `from' utility

The `from' utility was rewritten.  It is now fully compatible with the
BSD version.

* Changes in `frm' utility

Implemented -t (--align) command line option.
Whenever available, `frm' uses BIDI algorithm for display.  This
allows for correct display of subject lines written in languages
with right to left script orientation (Arabic, Hebrew).

* Ukrainian localization

* Bugfixes

** Fix handling of Fcc headers in mailers
** Fix several inconsistencies in `mh/folder' to make it compatible with
RAND and nmh implementations.  In particular, `folder -all +name'
(`folders +name') is now working as expected.
** MH programs create directory hierarchies if requested to.
** `mail' correctly handles empty mailboxes (it used to display garbage in
place of the message count).
** Fix RFC 2047 filters: do not stop translating until the buffer is drained.
** Fix option handling in `guimb': remove leftover optind usage.
** Fix handling of file names containing whitespace characters in imap4 server
and library.
** frm: Fix coredump on empty From headers.
** folder: If a `+folder' is given along with the `-all' switch, the utility
will, in addition to setting the current folder, list the top-level subfolders
for the current folder (with `-norecurse') or list all sub-folders under
the current folder recursively (with `-recurse').  This behavior is
compatible with nmh and rand implementations.
** rmf: Fix coredump when invoked without arguments.
** send: Rename draft file after sending it.
** All mh utilities: create nested directories, if required.
** Correctly handle comma-delimited folder lists in Fcc headers.
** A decoder stream correctly handles unfinished input strings.
** mail: Fix handling of conditional expressions
** mail: When several recipients were specified, no alias expansion took
** movemail: Did not preserve input mailbox if an I/O error happened on the
output one.  Debian Bug#344420.
** Fix handling of `Alternate-Mailboxes' in MH
** Fixed possible mailbox corruption in `imap4d'
** `imap4d' subscribe/unsubscribe was not working
** Fixed displaying mail headers in different languages (`mail',`frm',`from')
** SQL authentication: prevent sql injection attacks
** Fixed bug in the default syslog diagnostic printer
** Fixed potential vulnerabilities: IDEF0954, IDEF0955, IDEF0956, IDEF0957
** `Imap:' mailboxes (remote mailboxes opened via imap interface) honor
read-only mode.
** Fixed date support in maildir (header fields Date, Envelope-Date and
** Fixed RFC 2047 encoding.
** Fixed folder_list() function.


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