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Announcing GNU Songanizer 1.0.

From: Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray
Subject: Announcing GNU Songanizer 1.0.
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 21:47:01 +0530

Hello folks,

I am glad to announce the release of Songanizer 1.0. GNU Songanizer is
a shell script to organize a directory containing a collection of Ogg
Vorbis and MP3 files. The goal is to create virtual directory
structures, which give different views of the data, but without having
redundant copies of the files themselves.

Please visit the home page at
to know more.

This is the first major release as a GNU package, and there has been a
number of significant changes. Here are some of them:
* Support for Ogg Vorbis files, and ID3v2 tags in MP3 files
* Introduction of GNU Libextractor (
in place of MP3Info for reading the tag information.
* Introduction of Autoconf and Automake, and removal of all
auto-generated files from the CVS.
* Addition of the --follow option.
* Improved documentation.
To see the complete list of changes in reverse chronological order,
see the ChangeLog (

Here are the tarballs:

Here are the GPG signatures of the tarballs:

Here are the SHA1SUMS:

Here are the GPG signatures of the SHA1SUMS:

Bugs maybe reported to address@hidden, while other issues can
be discussed in address@hidden

Happy hacking,
GPG key ID: 63D4A5A7
Key server:

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