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GNU Libtool 1.5.24 released.

From: Peter O'Gorman
Subject: GNU Libtool 1.5.24 released.
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 20:52:23 -0500

The Libtool Team is pleased to announce the release of GNU Libtool

GNU Libtool hides the complexity of using shared libraries behind a
consistent, portable interface. GNU Libtool ships with GNU libltdl,
which hides the comlexity of loading dynamic runtime libraries
(modules) behind a consistent, portable interface.

This release has all the improvements in 1.5.23b and some other fixes,
see the NEWS below.

libtool-1.5.24 is available now from, along with
diffs and xdeltas against libtool-1.5.22
that are also available from  Please
use a mirror to reduce stress on the main gnu machine:

Here are the compressed sources:

Here are the xdeltas and diffs against libtool-1.5.22:

Here are the gpg detached signatures:

You should download the signature named after any tarball you
download, and then verify its integrity with, for example:

  gpg --verify libtool-1.5.24.tar.gz.sig

Here are the MD5 and SHA1 checksums:

  d0071c890101fcf4f2be8934a37841b0 libtool-1.5.24.tar.gz
  bad22caf2a664753a970544eda10165a libtool-1.5.22-1.5.24.diff.gz
  0c4baad75ab4b7e229bfec7e15d4d143 libtool-1.5.22-1.5.24.xdelta.txt
  b4c994f1bf4a76d2b0c1d0a6f54d16598c15f3db libtool-1.5.24.tar.gz
  fdd12e6ec3b39373b086361996552d4c5f038886 libtool-1.5.22-1.5.24.diff.gz

Note that somewhere in the confusion about this upload the xdeltas got
renamed and have a .txt extension.

New in 1.5.24: June 26 2007 

* Initial support for Interix newer than version 3.
* Use getconf ARG_MAX to find the max command line length.
* Bug Fixes.

New in 1.5.23b: 2007-02-17;
* New link flag `-static-libtool-libs' to provide the semantics that
  `-static' had between 1.5 and 1.5.22.
* Initial support for RDOS.
* Fix regression on DragonFly that disabled library hardcoding.
* Fix regression on OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly, and other systems
  with hardcode_direct=yes that wrongly removed paths to uninstalled
  libraries during link mode.
* Let libltdl know that FreeBSD and DragonFly dlopen causes dependent
  modules to be loaded.  This fixes excessive load times for modules
  with large library dependency graphs.
* Fix error with -version-info on systems with version_type=none, such
  as BeOS.
* Initial support for the Sun compiler suite on GNU/Linux.
* Improved support for GNU/kFreeBSD and GNU/NetBSD.
* Search paths with GCC on multilib systems like x86_64 have been fixed.
* The libtool --tag argument which has been supported since version 1.5
  is documented now.
* Fix regression in libltdl symbol exports on Cygwin. Side effect:
  LT_GLOBAL_DATA and LT_SCOPE are now explicitly defined as
  declspec(dllexport), bypassing auto-export logic on Cygwin.
  This tracks existing behavior on MinGW.
* Bug Fixes.

This release was bootstrapped with Autoconf 2.61 and Automake 1.10,
but is useable with Autoconf 2.50 & later and Automake 1.4 & later
in your own projects.

Alternatively, you can fetch the unbootstrapped sourcecode from
anonymous cvs by using the following commands (just hit return when
you are prompted for the password):

  $ export CVS_RSH=ssh
  $ cvs -z3 -d :pserver:address@hidden:/sources/libtool \
  co -r release-1-5-24 libtool

You will then need to have recent versions of Automake and Autoconf
installed to bootstrap the checked out sources yourself.

Please report bugs to <address@hidden>, along with the verbose
output of any failed test groups, and the output from `./libtool

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