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GNU Classpath 0.97.1 released

From: Andrew John Hughes
Subject: GNU Classpath 0.97.1 released
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 22:47:58 +0000
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We are proud to announce the release of GNU Classpath 0.97.1, the
first bugfix release for GNU Classpath 0.97.
GNU Classpath, essential libraries for java, is a project to create
free core class libraries for use with runtimes, compilers and tools
for the java programming language.
The GNU Classpath developer snapshot releases are not directly aimed
at the end user but are meant to be integrated into larger development
platforms. For example JamVM, CACAO and Kaffe can make use of an installed
copy of GNU Classpath 0.97.1, while GCC (gcj) will use the developer snapshots
as a base for future versions. For more projects based on GNU Classpath,
This is the first of a new series of bugfix releases that follow a
major (0.x) release.  A 0.x.y release will only contain minor bug fixes.
It will not cause major changes in the functionality of GNU Classpath,
either for better or for worse.

With this bugfix release, the following issues have been resolved:

* Building the Javadoc documentation for the JSR166 classes
* Fixing an incompatability in our STaX API implementation
* Including the properties files for the tools in the released tarball.

From the 0.95 release, we switched fully towards the 1.5 generics work
that we previously released separately as classpath-generics. All this
work is now fully integrated in the main release and various runtimes
(GCJ, CACAO, JamVM, JikesRVM etc) have been extended to take advantage
of the new generics, annotations and enumeration support in the core
library. As a consequence, only 1.5 capable compilers (currently the
Eclipse Compiler for Java (ecj) and Sun's javac) may be used to build
The GNU Classpath developers site (
provides detailed information on how to start with helping the GNU
Classpath project and gives an overview of the core class library
packages currently provided.
For each snapshot release generated documentation is provided through
the GNU Classpath Tools gjdoc project. A documentation generation
framework for java source files used by the GNU project. Full
documentation on the currently implementated packages and classes can
be found at: We are looking into
how to extend the documentation experience in the future. Please
contact the mailinglist if you would like to help with this effort.
For more information about the project see also: 
GNU Classpath home page: 
Developer information (wiki): 
Full class documentation: 
GNU Classpath hackers: 
Autobuilder, current build status, build snapshots: 
Application test pages (wiki): 
GNU Classpath hacking with Eclipse (wiki): 
GNU Classpath promotion banners: 
GNU Classpath 0.97.1 is available from, one of the mirrors
( or the Classpath continuous integration
system ( 
File: classpath-0.97.tar.gz 
 MD5sum: 35e81f0e0055a8b8a7a879077cf2b3c6
 SHA1sum: 04486b0ce8d4da1f4111d28ae03b149cc475d6dd
The following people helped fix bugs in Classpath 0.97:

Andrew John Hughes, Petteri Raety, Robert Schuster

The following people helped with the release of Classpath 0.97: 
Luciano Chavez, Thomas Fitzsimmons, Bernhard Fischer, Jeroen Frijters,
Stefan Huehner, Andrew John Hughes, Jakub Jelinek, Ito Kazumitsu,
Roman Kennke, Alexandre Oliva, Ian Rogers, Robert Schuster, Leen
Toelen, Mario Torre, Dalibor Topic, Tom Tromey, David Walluck, Mark
Wielaard and Ralf Wildenhues.
We would also like to thank the numerous bug reporters and testers! In
addition, we'd like to extend our thanks to all those who've
contributed over the years and have helped in building a thriving and
friendly community around the GNU Classpath project.

Andrew :)

Support Free Java!
Contribute to GNU Classpath and the OpenJDK
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