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GNU and Google's Summer of Code 2008

From: Karl Berry
Subject: GNU and Google's Summer of Code 2008
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 18:33:09 -0500

GNU has been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google's Summer of
Code 2008, so thanks to Google.

If you are a GNU maintainer or developer and have an idea for your
package that could be usefully implemented by a student working
full-time over the summer, and are (hopefuly) willing to mentor the
project, please email address@hidden with the details.
See for the ideas we've
posted so far.

You can also offer to mentor your package without specific projects in
mind -- many students submit ideas of their own.  Again, just let us

If you are a student or know a student who might like to participate,
please consider submitting an idea from the list, or one of your own.
Early applications inevitably get more attention than later ones, so the
sooner the better.

Anyone is welcome to subscribe or post to our organizational SoC mailing


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