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GNU FreeFont: new release 2008-03-19

From: Steve White
Subject: GNU FreeFont: new release 2008-03-19
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 13:43:02 -0500

I'm pleased to announce another release of GNU FreeFont, a
free outline font aiming to support as much of Unicode as

This release addresses mostly technical issues with the fonts.
Several outstanding bug reports are fixed, and some characters are
added, especially math symbols.

Download it at
You want the tarballs dated 2008-03-23.
It can also be downloaded from any GNU mirror; the list of mirrors is at

For more information, see the news release at

A lot of changes were made, and probably a few things are screwed up.
Certainly not all the pending bug reports have been dealt with.

I expect to make another release soon, dealing in more detail with bugs.

Please have a look, and drop me a line!

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