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Release: GNU Wget 1.11.2

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Release: GNU Wget 1.11.2
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 19:30:27 -0700
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Announcing the release of version 1.11.2 of GNU Wget, a bugfix release.

If you use a multibyte, non-English locale, it is recommended that you
download this version, as it includes (aesthetic) fixes related for the
progress bar.

The source code is available at

Documentation is at

More information about Wget is on the official GNU web page at, and on the Wget Wgiki,

NEWS items:

** Fixed a problem in authenticating over HTTPS through a proxy.
(Regression in 1.11 over 1.10.2.)

** The combination of -r or -p with -O, which was disallowed in 1.11,
has been downgraded to a warning in 1.11.2. (-O and -N, which was never
meaningful, is still an error.)

** Further improvements to progress bar displays in non-English locales
(too many spaces could be inserted, causing the display to scroll).

** Successive invocations of Wget on FTP URLS, with --no-remove-listing
and --continue, was causing Wget to append, rather than replace,
information in the .listing file, and thereby download the same files
multiple times. This has been fixed in 1.11.2.

** Wget 1.11 no longer allowed ".." to persist at the beginning of URLs,
for improved conformance with RFC 3986. However, this behavior presents
problems for some FTP setups, and so they are now preserved again, for
FTP URLs only.

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