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Announcing GNU Virtual Private Ethernet (GVPE), version 2.2

From: Marc Lehmann
Subject: Announcing GNU Virtual Private Ethernet (GVPE), version 2.2
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008 08:08:34 +0200

I am happy to announce the release of GVPE version 2.2, after way too much
time has passed without a release.

Changes include:

- Finally changed to GPL 3 with a special permission to distribute the
  resulting binaries when linked with openssl.
- gvpe now uses libev as event multiplexer instead of it's own homegrown
  event system, which reduces code size and takes avdantage of
  modern kernel interfaces such as epoll and kqueue.
- ondemand retry behaviour is now much more reasonable, in that gvpe will
  no longer try to create ondemand conencitons indefinitely. This allows
  much larger networks where most links are normally down.
- A large number of minor bugs have been fixed, such as leaking TCP
  connections, incorrect retry times.
- Years of experience with actual failure modes have resulted in
  tuning a lot of messages, such as when to warn about sliding window
  violations and when not to.
- Retry is now much more aggressive, connections will be created earlier.

The on-write protocol is still the same, and 2.2 daemons are still
compatible to older releases w.r.t. the network protocol.

Download location:


Config file reference:*checkout*/gvpe/doc/gvpe.conf.5.pod?root=gvpe


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