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GNU Texinfo 4.13 available

From: Karl Berry
Subject: GNU Texinfo 4.13 available
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 16:49:47 -0500

I have released version 4.13 of Texinfo, the GNU documentation format.
The NEWS is below.

You can get it by anonymous ftp from
or via http:
and its mirrors worldwide (see

(For utilities supporting the lzma compression format, see

Special thanks to Sergey Poznyakoff for working on standalone Info and
Robert Solimeno for the new Texinfo reference card.  Thanks to all the
other people who sent bug reports, patches, and otherwise helped with
the release.  Full credits are in the ChangeLog.

Please email bugs or suggestions to address@hidden,
general discussion to address@hidden
The Texinfo home page:

Happy documenting,

NEWS for Texinfo 4.13 (18 September 2008)

* A reference card for Texinfo is now available, in doc/refcard.  For
  convenience, preformatted PDF's for letter-size and A4 paper are included.

* makeinfo:
  . new option --internal-links for HTML output, to write a tsv file
    mapping indexed/toc terms to links, for easy reference from external
  . - as an input file name reads standard input. 

* info:
  . support for multibyte encodings such as UTF-8.
  . new option --show-malformed-multibytes, to display malformed multibyte
  . new environment variable INFO_MAN_COMMAND sets the name of man binary
    (use it if you a need to override PATH settings).
* install-info:
  . bug fix: support names with embedded periods (e.g., config.status) again.

* Distribution:
  . autoconf 2.63.

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