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Announcing LilyPond 2.12 "Rune"

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Announcing LilyPond 2.12 "Rune"
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2009 01:18:20 -0800
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LilyPond version 2.12 available — 12 year anniversary release
December, 2008.

We are proud to announce the release of GNU LilyPond 2.12 “Rune”.

Our joy is tinged with sadness, as long-time LilyPond contributor
and friend Rune Zedeler passed away on the 2nd of July, 2008. This
release is dedicated to him.

Rune was a computer programmer, a musician and a valued
contributor to LilyPond. He had been enthusiastically involved in
the project for the past six years, and he will be sorely missed
in our community.

Major updates
    * Collision detection has been vastly improved. Outside-staff
objects now avoid each other automatically, so far fewer manual
tweaks are required to obtain a pleasing layout.
    * The documentation has been almost entirely rewritten during
the year-long "Grand Documentation Project", and the online
documentation is both much better-looking and far easier to
browse. The program is now available in 6 languages, and the
documentation is partially available in French, Spanish and
German. It has never been easier to get started with 'Pond!
    * Almost 30 new features, among others transposable fret
diagrams, microtonal accidentals, and a much improved musicxml2ly,
have been implemented and nearly 200 bugs have been fixed. For a
complete overview surf to

Happy music typesetting!

LilyPond was brought to you by...

Development team

Han-Wen Nienhuys – Core development
Jan Nieuwenhuizen – Core development
Joe Neeman – Core development
Graham Percival – Documentation Editor and Bug Meister
Valentin Villenave – LSR Editor and Bug Meister
Mats Bengtsson – Support Guru
John Mandereau – Translation Meister


Rune Zedeler, Maximilian Albert, Milan Zamazal, Reinhold Kainhofer
(musicxml2ly development), Erlend Aasland, Stan Sanderson
(Regression Checker), Neil Puttock.

Grand Documentation Project

Trevor Daniels – Assistant Documentation Editor
Andrew Hawryluk, Carl Sorensen, Eyolf Østrem, Francisco Vila, Jay
Hamilton, Jonathan Kulp, Joseph Harfouch, Patrick McCarty, Ralph
Palmer, Till Rettig – Notation Reference work
Kurt Kroon – Glossary Updates, Notation Reference work
Alard de Boer – Formatting
Michael Rasmussen – Formatting
Trevor Baca – Inspirational Headwords
Reinhold Kainhofer – Technical Aid
Neil Puttock – Snippet Editor, Technical Aid.


Clytie Siddall, Damien Heurtebise, Francisco Vila, Heikki Junes,
Jean-Charles Malahieude, John Mandereau, Nicolas Klutchnikoff,
Till Rettig, Valentin Villenave.


Mike Amundsen, Trevor Baca.

Bug hunters and suggestions

Adam James Wilson, Alard de Boer, Alex Rolex, Andy Haupt, Arvid
Grøtting, Bertalan Fodor, Benjamin Drung, Cameron Horsburgh, Carl
Sorensen, Christian Hitz, Christian Herzberg, David Bobroff, David
Griffel, Daniel Hulme, Daniel Johnson, Dominic Neumann, Eduardo
Vieira, Frédéric Chiasson, Georg Dummer, Georg Romstorfer, Gilles
Thibault, Hernán J. González, Hu Haipeng, Jay Anderson, James
Kilfinger, Jean-Marie Mouchel, Jean-Yves Baudais, Jesús Guillermo
Andrade, Jonathan Henkelman, Kazuhiro Suzuki, Kevin Dalley, Laura
Conrad, Luc Wehli, Maarten Hijzelendoorn, Marc Lanoiselée, Mark
Polesky, Matthijs Frankeno, Martijn Vromans, Marnen Laibow-Koser,
Maximilian Albert, Mirosław Doroszewski, Mike Coleman, Neil
Puttock, Nicolas Mayencourt, Nicolas Sceaux, Orm Finnendahl, Peter
Budny, Phillip Kirlin, Pierre-Emmanuel Brame, Ralph Palmer, Renaud
Flavigny, Rick Hansen, Risto Vääräniemi, Robin Bannister, Roland
Goretzki, Rune Zedeler, Ruud van Silfhout, Sean Reed, Steven
Weber, Tomas Sauer, Thomas Scharkowski, Trevor Baca, Vivian
Barty-Taylor, Werner Lemberg, Wilbert Berendsen, William Oram,
Yota Moteuchi, Zack Charter, and Zoltan Selyem.

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