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GNU fdisk 1.2 release

From: Christian
Subject: GNU fdisk 1.2 release
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 19:27:08 +0100
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I am happy to announce the release of GNU fdisk 1.2
GNU fdisk aims to replace various UNIX operating systems' legacy
partitioning tools with libparted-based ones that mimic the
interface of those tools.

Currently implemented alternatives are:

  * util-linux `fdisk'
  * util-linux `cfdisk'

Both versions have a compability mode and a GNU mode
that offers additional features.


In this release we have fixed some of the bugs reported
by debian tracker. For more information about fixed bugs
  * inoperable for disks with unknown disklabel

      This bug was fixed in the previous release (1.1).
      We are waiting for comments because we test it only
      with plain (zero filled) files. 

  * gnu-fdisk: wipes out MBR when used on GPT partitions

    I make a little patch to reread the boot code from the partition.
    for more info visit: 

  * gnu-fdisk: reproducible Segmentation fault

    Fixed in this release (1.2).

  * gnu-fdisk doesn't work with ext3 partitions, created with Debian and
    Ubuntu installers (with resize_inode features)]

    We think that this bug depends on libparted. However we will 
    try to resolve it soon and release a patch.


Gzipped and b2zipped tarballs are available from

and its mirror sites. SHA1 sums may be found there as well.

The web site of GNU fdisk is at:


You can help fdisk by

  * testing and using the existing frontends

  * developing more frontends (e.g. for Mac fdisk or util-linux sfdisk)

  Leslie P. Polzer <address@hidden>
  Christian Brunello <address@hidden>

  GNU fdisk Maintainer's

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