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GNU IceCat 3.0.10-g1 released

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: GNU IceCat 3.0.10-g1 released
Date: Fri, 01 May 2009 16:44:02 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/23.0.92 (gnu/linux)

I am pleased to announce the new version of the GNU IceCat web browser.

GNU IceCat is the GNU version of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

This new version includes all the changes made in Firefox 3.0.10.  In
addition distributed binaries are compiled with -O3.

New files are available here:

and on any mirror sites worldwide.  You can find a complete mirrors list

SHA1 and MD5 checksums:

a8cff0102acd401569ee6efd1671ecaea3e524ea  ./gnuzilla_privacy.xpi
c9457073f2076c3328774b21a6b471ff96053a0a  ./icecat-3.0.10-g1.tar.bz2
5244feb6b308b7c031589a7c3a717c11bdbc711d  ./icecat-3.0.10-g1-i386.tar.xz
a5f05f0d60d26d9a08ec22dbcfd38204bb31b60c  ./icecat-3.0.10-g1-i386.tar.bz2
fa554c6eceb82ab6965b512e73737b816ada4408  ./icecat-3.0.10-g1.tar.xz

51c1eb5c4a20a860685839fd8d6ed2b3  ./gnuzilla_privacy.xpi
6efe1eda55e089e31be11a8a4076a929  ./icecat-3.0.10-g1.tar.bz2
35015c8d66f9eece75fdc0145db090b7  ./icecat-3.0.10-g1-i386.tar.xz
6d288ad703c48774e163dd440338f911  ./icecat-3.0.10-g1-i386.tar.bz2
a45e1545b6ebb7574735e27761784246  ./icecat-3.0.10-g1.tar.xz

Please report any problem you may experience to the address@hidden
mailing list.

Have fun!
Giuseppe Scrivano

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