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Denemo version 0.8.8 released

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Denemo version 0.8.8 released
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2009 21:10:53 +0100

Release 0.8.8 is now available. 
The new features include 
* Educational games: complete with scoring, simple button controls. 
* Lilypond: Long and short instrument names, Page breaks and Line
breaks, Ambitus, Supression of resting parts more... 
* Go to composition point (next empty measure) 
* Print: Error messages now appear in a console that can be opened or
closed. Print Preview errors now show. 
* Ability to create buttons for scripts and hence place favorite
commands onto a toolbar 
* Edit script initialization scripts within Denemo 
* Edit the edit script from within Denemo 
* Download latest versions of scripts from 
* Upload new scripts to for possible inclusion in Denemo. 
* Visit any URL from a script (launches browser) 
* Access denemo's internet relay chat from the help menu - talk to other
* Some Improvements to MIDI out Design Notes MIDI Out 
* Control over the order of scripted menu items. New menu items are
inserted at the point in the menu you click on. 

Caveats for release 0.8.8: 

* Some menu items are not included: use More->Update from Internet to
get these (on GNU/Linux), or manually install on ms-windows 
* Do not try to run more than one educational game per session - can
hang Denemo. 
Denemo is a graphical front end to the music typesetter LilyPond with
features devoted to Educational Music games and MIDI.
Richard Shann

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