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GNU IceCat 3.5.3 released

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: GNU IceCat 3.5.3 released
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 00:50:11 +0200
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I am pleased to announce the new 3.5.3 version of the GNU IceCat web

GNU IceCat is the GNU version of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

This new version includes all the bug fixes present in Firefox 3.5.3.

New files are available for download here:

and on any mirror sites worldwide.  You can find a complete mirrors list

SHA1 and MD5 checksums:

a6f839469b748fc33e09874f677d0c6ca347b814  icecat-3.5.3.tar.bz2
6fc1c958de6c8a2c7dd9825b7eb2937248d7c23e  icecat-3.5.3.tar.lz
728dd69865edbdb38d923ffb35685b0d2ef982f5  icecat-3.5.3-x86.tar.bz2
11a6135e60c289c0885d001f07ada41b54acab58  icecat-3.5.3-x86.tar.lz
50888c5c1871ad24b2b3e47a2020edfc1eb8a31b  privacy_ext.xpi

100e60b66c8eb6bdc6e885a19fae927d  icecat-3.5.3.tar.bz2
e7b7c5a6375f81990675d929cc45f165  icecat-3.5.3.tar.lz
5360e03fc0d4ea55c78e80bbf0ad30d4  icecat-3.5.3-x86.tar.bz2
5195fca252078915ae3dd2b14342b1ad  icecat-3.5.3-x86.tar.lz
bbc160d5924ecc476a2a7a6e3f225763  privacy_ext.xpi

Files with the .lz extension are compressed using lzip, you can find
more information at this page:

Please report any problem you may experience while using IceCat to the
address@hidden mailing list.

Have fun!
Giuseppe Scrivano

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