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New stable release: GNU Solfege 3.14.11

From: Tom Cato Amundsen
Subject: New stable release: GNU Solfege 3.14.11
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 12:07:47 +0100

GNU Solfege 3.14.11
Solfege is free music education software. Use it to train your rhythm,
interval, scale and chord skills. It is free software and runs on
GNU/Linux, MS Windows 2000 and newer, Max OS X with some effort,
and possibly other operating systems with the required tools. It should
run wherever you can run Python 2.4, Gtk+ 2.12, PyGtk 2.12.

Bug tracker:

3.14.11 February 8, 2010
revno: 1065
* IntervalCheckBox had a bug that caused the Major Decim to be
missing. Reported by Andre Maute.
* Decim->Tenth replace. The menu entry has not been changed because
this will cause loss of statistics. This is because of a bad design
decision: using pythons builtin hash function to calculate the hash
value of lesson files. The hash function is not the same on different
systems. 3.16.0 will fix this.
* make default.config rcfile version 16 compatible. Thanks to
Krause.Chr for fixing this.
Update: The error message about missing txt2man is not fatal, it will
only mean that the man page is missing.
Tom Cato Amundsen <address@hidden>       
GNU Solfege - free ear training

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