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MyServer 0.9.2 released [security]

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: MyServer 0.9.2 released [security]
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 23:03:06 +0100
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I am pleased to announce the 0.9.2 version of the GNU MyServer web

This security release includes the following changes:

- Vulnerability fix for CVE-2009-4029[1].
- Sockets operations under Windows are now done using gnulib.
- Fix the X-Sendfile directive when using keep-alive connections.

New files are available for download here:

and on any mirror sites worldwide.  You can find a complete mirrors list

SHA1 and MD5 checksums:

7dd881db6c5a6a8317f277f085dbb946d6963036  myserver-0.9.2.tar.gz
75f6cdcfb93d374aa871d91734187a65dbe9b742  myserver-0.9.2.tar.xz

868ffd1ff30c5058221bb673d9724156  myserver-0.9.2.tar.gz
491a5428ba8cab8cd3bf4d1fec6048ec  myserver-0.9.2.tar.xz

MyServer is under heavy development and it may lack features or
don't work as expected.  Please redirect any comment, suggestion or
problem you will encounter to the address@hidden mailing list.

Have fun!
Giuseppe Scrivano


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