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wdiff 0.6.0 released

From: Martin von Gagern
Subject: wdiff 0.6.0 released
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 14:05:59 +0200
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Today I have the pleasure of announcing the release of GNU wdiff 0.6.0.

Up until now, the latest official release of GNU wdiff was version 0.5,
dating from 1994. There have been a number of inofficial releases on, but they probably didn't receive as much attention as an
official release will hopefully receive. The new release is available at and should reach the GNU mirrors soon.

The current release still lacks translations for many languages. For
most languages, most of the translations are in fact there, but have
been subject to automatic adjustments and therefore been makred fuzzy.
We are waiting for the translation project teams to process them. I
expect to do a number of minor releases when more translations come in.

A thing to note about this wdiff release is its approach to experimental
applications. The original author, Fran├žois Pinard, included in the
wdiff package not only the wdiff tool itself, but also a number of other
applications. Most notable among these is mdiff, which aims at the
identification of common clusters among several files. Neither me nor my
co-maintainer currently have a good understanding of this code, its
workings, and in particular the problems it might cause. We therefore
marked these applications as experimental. They will only be installed
if the --enable-experimental switch is passed to configure. The
generated texinfo documentation is subject to that switch as well, in
order to avoid confusion. The online documentation on the other hand was
built with that experimental switch in place, in order to include as
much documentation as possible.

Of course we welcome any feedback for this software package, and would
like to know of any bug you might encounter.

Thank you for your attention,
 Martin von Gagern

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