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GNU RCS 5.7.93 (pretest for 5.8) available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: GNU RCS 5.7.93 (pretest for 5.8) available
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 15:38:08 +0200

This message is to announce that pretest release of GNU RCS
(Revision Control System) is available.

  homepage (with other pretest announcements):

Note: This m.l. should probably not be used for such pretest
announcements; (info "(maintain) Announcements") sez:

  On the other hand, please do not announce test releases
  on `info-gnu' unless it's a highly unusual situation.

but GNU RCS is indeed an unusual situation.  Its last release
was over 15 years ago and the current maintainer is not the
author of the (original) code.  As such, in the name of progress,
many many build methods and implementation details were changed,
which might result in instability from introduced bugs, etc.

Rather than besmirch the good name of previous maintainers and
the rock-solid reputation of RCS itself with these potential
problems, i thought widening the pretest would be preferable.

Please, if you are thinking to complain about the suitability of
this message, first try to play with 5.7.93.  If the result is
hassle-free, then feel free to complain to me privately.  If you
find problems, on the other hand, then give yourself a pat on the
back and feel free to complain to me publically (in the form of a
bug report, ideally).  In any case, your feedback is most welcome.

How about it?  Can we save RCS from an ignoble 5.8?

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