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GNU Scientific Library 1.15 released

From: Brian Gough
Subject: GNU Scientific Library 1.15 released
Date: Sat, 07 May 2011 12:30:31 +0100
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Version 1.15 of the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is now available.
GSL provides a large collection of routines for numerical computing 
in C.

This release includes significant new contributions from the following

  - Tuomo Keskitalo: new gsl_odeiv2 differential equation framework
    with improved implicit solvers (this supersedes the existing
    gsl_odeiv framework).

  - Pedro Gonnet: implementation of the CQUAD algorithm for robust
    integration of difficult functions.

  - José Luis García Pallero: error checking for the CBLAS library.

The full NEWS file entry is appended below.

The file details for this release are:      (3.2 MB)  (GPG signature)
  d914f84b39a5274b0a589d9b83a66f44cd17ca8e          (sha1 checksum)

These URLs will redirect to a local mirror for faster downloading (the
original files are at

The GSL project homepage is

GSL is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and contributed improvements.

Brian Gough
(GSL Maintainer)


* What is new in gsl-1.15:

** Added Tuomo Keskitalo's new ode branch ode-initval2 with a
   gsl_odeiv2 prefix. This provides proper support for implicit
   solvers.  It is intended to be the new default for differential
   equations.  The existing gsl_odeiv routines will be retained for
   binary compatibility but their interface will be deprecated.

** Added new gsl_integrate_cquad routines for robust integration of
   difficult functions using the doubly-adaptive CQUAD algorithm
   (Pedro Gonnet).

** Added error checking to CBLAS functions (José Luis García Pallero)

** Added a new function gsl_integration_glfixed_point to return
   ordered Gauss-Legendre points and weights contained within a
   gsl_integration_glfixed_table [bug #32237].

** Added a new function gsl_interp_type_min_size to return the size of
   an interpolation type.

** Added a function gsl_pow_uint(x,n) to compute x^n for unsigned
   exponents (needed when n exceeds the range of signed integers).

** Added new routine gsl_linalg_complex_cholesky_invert to handle the
   matrix inversion for complex Cholesky decompositions (Huan Wu).

** Added the functions gsl_vector_equal(x,y) and gsl_matrix_equal(x,y)
   for testing equality of two vectors or matrices.

** Added function gsl_eigen_nonsymmv_params to control the balancing
   transformation for eigenvector calculations. Balancing is now
   turned off by default for gsl_eigen_nonsymmv.

** It is now possible to choose an alternative cblas library via
   pkg-config using the GSL_CBLAS_LIB environment variable or
   the pkg-config --define-variable option.

** The jacobi method gsl_eigen_jacobi now uses the norm of the
   off-diagonal elements for its convergence criterion, as in
   algorithm 8.4.3 of Golub and van Loan.

** The newton multiroot solvers now return an error when a singular
   jacobian is detected.

** The interpolation functions now return NaN and when x is out of range,
   instead of extrapolating.

** The gsl_multimin_fdfsolver multidimensional minimisers now return
   GSL_ENOPROG immediately if the generated trial point does not
   differ from the initial point (to machine precision), avoiding
   unnecessary further iterations.

** Extended the range of gsl_sf_bessel_lnKnu_e by rescaling
   intermediate results to avoid internal overflows [bug #31528].

** Improved the result of gsl_sf_atanint_e for large arguments by
   adding the first order 1/x correction term. [bug #29562]

** Fixed the gsl_rng_ranlxs generators to enforce a maximum seed value
   of 2^31-1.  Larger seed values caused out of range values to be

** Fixed gsl_ran_chisq_pdf(x,nu) to return correct result of 1/2
   instead of 0 when x=0 and nu=2, and +inf when x=0 and nu<2.

** Fixed gsl_pow_int(x,n) to avoid an infinite loop when n=INT_MIN due
   to wrapping of signed integers.

** Fixed gsl_sf_hyperg_2F1(a,b,c,x) to avoid returning NaN for
   arguments |a|>10. [bug #24812]

** Avoid spurious underflow return code in gsl_sf_beta_inc_e when
   intermediate underflow does not affect the result. [bug #30933]

** Avoid segfault in Chebyshev series derivatives gsl_cheb_calc_deriv
   for n=1. [bug #29139]

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