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new GNU project released: complexity 0.4 (GNU Complexity) - Measure comp

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: new GNU project released: complexity 0.4 (GNU Complexity) - Measure complexity of C source
Date: Sun, 15 May 2011 12:44:57 -0700
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This program does something very similar to pmccabe, but has a slightly
different purpose.  pmccabe is appropriate for estimating the effort
required for testing a code base.  As a developer, I am a little more
interested in how difficult it might be to comprehend a code base and
figuring out what parts of my code might be harder for others to
understand.  Please see the introduction:

The scoring of a procedure is increased linearly by code length and
exponentially by logic nesting depth, and then scaled to approximate
the scores one typically sees from pmccabe output.  Pending a lot more
experience, these values are tunable:

So I am interested in feedback in order to adjust their defaults
(--nesting-penalty=2.0 --scale=20).  The "penalty" value, for example,
may be on the high-ish end, but I doubt it should be below about 1.7
or 1.8.  A penalty of 1.0 would turn the program into an approximate
non-comment line/statement counter.

Improvements to the code recognizer (accepting C++ and K&R procedure
headers, for example) would also be nice.

Here is some sample output:

complexity home:
primary ftp:

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