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Gnash 0.8.10 released

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Gnash 0.8.10 released
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 10:05:04 -0700
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                       Gnash 0.8.10 Released!

  Gnash 0.8.10 has just been released. Gnash is the GNU Flash player, a
free/libre SWF movie player, with all the source code released under
GPLv3 or later. Gnash is available as both a standalone player and
also as a browser plugin for Firefox (and all other Gecko based
browsers), Chromium and Konqueror. Currently Gnash has been ported to
most GNU/Linus distros, embedded GNU/Linux, *BSD, non x86 architectures
- ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, and even 64 bit processors. And yes, Gnash plays

Improvements & fixed bugs since 0.8.10 release are:

  * Qt4 GUI supports mouse wheel, clipboard, and screen resolution.
  * Enhanced UI support for script limits (abort popups, user prefs).
  * BitmapData functions copyPixels(), copyChannel(), perlinNoise()
    and noise() implemented.
  * Node id mapping in ActionScript XML class implemented (XML.idMap).
  * Fix dispatching of Sound.onLoad event, fixing google dict audio.
  * Fix support for control tags found after last expected frame
  * Fix support for uncompressed sound with gstreamer media handler.
  * Implement Button.getDepth(), fix button key events.
  * Fixes to startDrag and stopDrag opcodes.
  * Implement onSoundComplete() for event sounds (#23020).
  * Fix MovieClip.onLoad event dispatching and constant pools handling,
    fixing support for movies generated by the evil Adobe Captivate
    tool (#33521).
  * Fix unattached Sound.stop() semantic (#33888) enjoy Super Mario!
  * OpenVG renderer added.
  * Improved framebuffer GUI and touchscreen support.
  * Framebuffer now supports using multiple renderers.
  * Refactored input device support.
  * Fix parsing of lossless 16bit bitmaps, fixing support for movies
    generated by the evil TechSmit Camtasia tool (#34625).
  * Improved double buffering support for AGG in a framebuffer.
  * Thumbnailer for SWF files and GNOME2 desktop config for it.

  You can grab the Gnash sources from, or from Gnash Git using the
release_0_8_10 branch. Experimental binary packages built by the Gnash
team are also available at, along with
source snapshots. Binary  packages for Debian or RPM based systems will
be available from your GNU/Linux distribution, and from whatever BSD
variant you are using.

       - rob -

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