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GNU Stow 2.2.0 released

From: Adam Spiers
Subject: GNU Stow 2.2.0 released
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 20:50:37 +0000
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Hi all,

GNU Stow 2.2.0 is now available for download from

and also from the mirrors[1] as soon as they catch up.

Stow is a tool for managing the installation of multiple software
packages to a shared run-time directory tree (e.g. /usr/local) via
symlinks, whilst keeping the files from each package separate.  Whilst
it has often been used to manage system-wide software installations,
it also provides a clean mechanism for managing software and
configuration files in users' home directories[2].  More information
is available at the homepage:

Below are the headline changes since 2.1.3 (see the ChangeLog for full
details).  In particular, note that `-a' is no longer available for
enabling the adoption feature; please use `--adopt' instead.

--------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< ---------
* Changes in version 2.2.0

** New --no-folding option

   Disables folding of newly stowed directories when stowing, and
   refolding of newly foldable directories when unstowing.

** Remove -a option (--adopt still available)

   As --adopt is the only option which allows stow to modify files, it
   is considered potentially dangerous (especially for stow package
   directories which are not managed by a version control system).
   Therefore it seems prudent to require a bit more effort from the
   user to enable this option, minimising the change of enabling it
   via a typo.

** Improve error message when stow package is not found.

   The error message displayed a path to the missing stow package
   which was relative to the target directory rather than the cwd,
   which was confusing for the user.

** Test suite improvements

   The test suite has been tightened up slightly.

** Documentation improvements

   Various fixes and cosmetic improvements have been made in the manual.

** Remove "There are no outstanding operations to perform" warning.

--------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< ---------

Happy hacking,

[1] You can see a list of mirrors at <>
   or use <> which will automatically
   redirect to a nearby mirror.


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