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GNU IceCat -- Removal of nonfree extension

From: Loic J. Duros
Subject: GNU IceCat -- Removal of nonfree extension
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2012 23:56:57 -0400
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It has become apparent to us that MafiaaFire Redirector --an extension for Mozilla-based browsers-- is released under a nonfree license. This extension has shipped with IceCat since version 4.0.1. The license of this extension is available from the official Mozilla Add-ons site:

Because IceCat cannot ship with nonfree software, this extension has been removed from all versions of IceCat since 4.0.1. New packages have been uploaded to, and the original files have been removed. We urge you to download these new versions and use them instead.

The versions of IceCat from which MafiaaFire Redirector has been removed are the following:

* IceCat 10.0:
* IceCat 9.0.1:
* IceCat 7.0.1:
* IceCat 7.0:
* IceCat 6.0.2:
* IceCat 6.0.1:
* IceCat 5.0.1:
* IceCat 5.0:
* IceCat 4.0.1:

Thank you,

Loic Duros
GNU IceCat maintainer

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