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GNU Mifluz 0.25.0

From: Sebastien DIAZ
Subject: GNU Mifluz 0.25.0
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 11:40:55 +0100


I am happy to announce the next release of GNU Mifluz.
This release is numbered 0.25.0 .

The purpose of mifluz is to provide a C++ library to build and query a
full text inverted index. It is dynamically updatable, scalable (up to
1Tb indexes), uses a controlled amount of memory, shares index files
and memory cache among processes or threads and compresses index files
to 50% of the raw data.

Changes in 0.25.0: 14 Jan 2013
* Correct compile errors

Gzipped tarballs are available from

and its mirror sites.  SHA1 sums may be found there as well.

The web site of GNU mifluz is at:

 Sébastien DIAZ <address@hidden>
 GNU Mifluz Maintainer

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