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gvpe-2.25 has just been released

From: Marc Lehmann
Subject: gvpe-2.25 has just been released
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 08:31:08 +0200

gvpe-2.25 (the GNU Virtual Private Ethernet) has just been released.

It is mainly a bugfix release, including fixes and minor improvements
accumulated over a long time.

It is also the last 2.x release, and the last release with protocol
version 0.1. The next release, which is expected soon, will break the
protocol to take advances in the last decade into account (at the time
gvpe was written, 1024 bit rsa keys were state of the art and the longest
standard hash function was 160 bits).

This means that this release is mainly of interest for existing gvpe users
who cannot easily upgrade (they need new keys). Everybody else should wait
for 3.0.

Releases can be downlaoded from:

Documentation (for development versions) can be browsed online at:

Here is the full NEWS entry for 2.25:

2.25 Sat Jul 13 06:42:33 CEST 2013
        - INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: no longer enable udp protocol if no other
          protocols are enabled - this is necessary when you have nodes with
          completely unknown protocols, to force mediated connection requests.
        - INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: dns transport protocol bumped to version 2.
        - core protocol version 0.1, compatible with older releases.
        - switch to using RSA_generate_key_ex, which is the badly documented
          and needlessly more complicated replacement for the RSA_generate_key
          function which is now deprecated.
        - support additional hmac hashes: sha256 and sha512, usually truncated.
        - change public exponent for rsa keys from 65535 to 65537, for
          efficiency reasons - only affects new keys.
        - nodes would sometimes declare transport endpoints valid despite
          the protocol not being configured locally.
        - new global configuration options: chroot, chuser, chuid, chgid,
          to chroot to a specified or anonymous new root, and change user id.
        - new global configuration options seed_device and seed_interval,
          to configure another device than /dev/urandom for random seeds,
          and to configure a regular interval to reseed the rng.
        - prefer inet_aton over gethostbyname, as the latter is not guaranteed
          to "resolve" literal ip addresses.
        - configure didn't detect openssl 1.0 because SHA1_version became 
          (patch by TANIGUCHI Takaki).
        - fix a bug where nodes would tell the other side that it supports
          the same protocols as that other side, instead of its own.
        - add zlib when found, as openssl depends on it in newer versions.
        - work around append-bugs in uclibc by using an extra seek.
        - new "include" directive for the config file.
        - gvpectrl no longer evaluates any "on" directives.
        - icmp and rawip protocols weren't upgradable to each other.
        - major, but incremental, dns transport improvements:
           - do not simply abort in some error cases in the dns transport,
             but try to recover.
           - allow lowercase/uppercase aliases for base-n encodings that do
             not rely on case.
           - use base26 instead of base22 encoding for dns syn's, and
             base36 instead of base22 for headers (saves one byte/packet).
           - back off far quicker in dns tunnel when idling - increases
             latency on an idle link somewhat, but avoids hundreds of
             needless packets.
           - poll more aggressively when idling in dns (poll once per
             second as opposed to once per 5 seconds).
           - reduce dns send payload size to allow greater rate of ack
             messages (should help sack and ipv6).
        - allow for ip options in rawip/icmp transports, even though gvpe
          doesn't generate them.
        - upgrade to autoconf 2.69, automake 1.11.
        - upgrade to libev 4 API.
        - replace COPYING file by actual GPLv3 - files were relicensed to GPLv3
          earlier but COPYING was forgotten.

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