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GNU LibreJS 6.0.6 released

From: Nik Nyby
Subject: GNU LibreJS 6.0.6 released
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 23:05:21 -0500

There's a new version of LibreJS - version 6.0.6.

LibreJS is a Mozilla add-on that prevents nonfree JavaScript programs
from running in your web browser.

Here's the changes since 6.0.5:
    * When there is a contact email found on a site that contains
    nonfree JavaScript, the email link now includes a default subject
    and body when you click on it. These defaults are configurable in
    the LibreJS add-on preferences.

    * LibreJS now works in private browsing mode, and with Tor. There
    is some debate whether or not using LibreJS and Tor at the same
    time compromises your privacy.

    * JS Web Labels links are now recognized with data-jslicense="1"
    as well as rel="jslicense", in case you want the page to be
    HTML5-valid. Savannah ticket #13366. Thanks to Marco Bresciani
    for bringing this up.

    * Fixed a bug on the whitelist page (Tools -> LibreJS) where
    the "Reset whitelist to default" button wasn't working.

This project's website is here:

The source files are here:

And here's the executable you can install in your browser:

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