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GNU FisicaLab 0.3.5 release

From: Germán Arias
Subject: GNU FisicaLab 0.3.5 release
Date: Sat, 30 May 2015 07:03:42 +0200

I'm glad to announce the release of GNU FisicaLab 0.3.5

GNU FisicaLab [1], can be pronounced as PhysicsLab, is an educational
application to solve physics problems. Its main objective is let the user
to focus in physics concepts, leaving aside the mathematical details
(FisicaLab take care of them).

In this version I added a module to handle tables of properties, for the moment
this only handle properties for water, but is the base for future modules of
thermodynamics and fluids. This took more time that I thought, but now is ready.
So now there is a new entry at menu that launch a window where you can calculate
the properties of water (saturated, compressed and superheated). I also
fix some bugs:

* Correction of a bug in the module dynamics of points, due to a bad set of
  equations. This causes that some problems can be solved with some parameters,
  but not with others.
* Fixed two problems with the contextual menu of conversions.
* Minor changes for compatibility with Windows platform. So now FisicaLab
  have the same behavior on this platform.

This new version is also available as a binary package for GNU/Linux i686 and
for GNU/Linux x86_64. There is also a self contained installer for Windows and
a source tarball for Mac OS X. I didn’t tested this package since I don’t have
a Mac. But in theory should work.

Remember that the documentation is now on line. And in addition I added some
videos [2]. For the moment these are available only in English. And, beforehand,
apologies if you don’t understand my English :)

I also want to thank the people who have donated to the project. In this version
the first time you launch FisicaLab it will display a window with a brief
description of FisicaLab where we encourage you to donate to the project.

So enjoy FisicaLab and if you have feedback or find bugs, use the corresponding
mailing lists.

Germán Arias


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