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GNU LibreJS 6.0.9 released

From: Nik Nyby
Subject: GNU LibreJS 6.0.9 released
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 22:16:16 -0400
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There's a new version of LibreJS - version 6.0.9.

LibreJS is a Mozilla add-on that prevents nonfree JavaScript programs
from running in your web browser.

Here's the changes since 6.0.8:
       * Add the WTFPL license to the list of accepted licenses.
       Thanks to CY for pointing out that it was missing.

       * The LibreJS version number is now displayed in the main
       LibreJS panel.

       * Fixed a mangled Unicode character problem in
       process_response.js. Thanks to Jookia for the patch.

       * onDetermineCharset now only checks for valid charsets.
       Thanks to Ruben Rodriguez for the patch.

       * Removed the draggable complain banner functionality. This
       functionality prevented LibreJS from getting approved on
       Mozilla's Add-on network, and it wasn't essential, so I've
       removed it.

       * Add JsChecker.isFreeLicensed method from Ruben Rodriguez. We're
       hoping this will lead to improved speed and memory usage in

This project's website is here:

The source files are here: (912k)

And here's the xpi package you can install in your browser: (430k)

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