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Texinfo 6.1 released

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Texinfo 6.1 released
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2016 13:00:11 +0000

We have released Texinfo 6.1, the GNU documentation format.

It is available at the following locations:

If automatic redirection fails, the list of mirrors is at:

Failing that, you can use the main FTP server:

Or via rsync://; some mirrors also support rsync.

Please email any comments to address@hidden

The Texinfo web page:

News for this release:

6.1 (06 February 2016)

* Language:
  . You can now omit the @menu from nodes with other nodes below them in
    the document structure.  If you use "@validatemenus off" near the
    start of a Texinfo file, makeinfo will, where needed, create a menu
    for nodes lacking one given explicitly.
  . An @setfilename line is no longer required at the start of a
    Texinfo file.  (Be aware, though, that some other tools may require
    it, for example Automake.)
  . For processing with TeX, a comma is automatically provided following
    a cross-reference command (such as @xref) when needed to separate
    the page number from following text, so you don't need to add one
    yourself.  See the `Parts of a Cross Reference' node in the manual
    for details.  Behavior when followed by punctuation, as always
    recommended previously, is unchanged.

* texi2any:
  . Some Perl modules have been rewritten in C to increase speed.
    If Perl extensions can be created, they are used by default;
    otherwise the pure Perl implementations are still used.
    Disable at build time with "configure --disable-perl-xs".  The
    environment variable TEXINFO_XS controls how they are used by
  . Quotation marks are left out for node names and index entries in
    Info output where they would have been produced by commands such
    as @file or @option.
  . New customization variable INFO_SPECIAL_CHARS_QUOTE to allow use of
    a quoting mechanism for problematic constructs in Info output, for
    example node names containing colons or commas.
  . Commands like @heading are affected by @lowersections and @raisesections
    again, as was the case before Texinfo 5.0.

* texinfo.tex:
  . You may explicitly specify a sort key for an index entry by preceding
    the text of the entry with the @sortas commmand with the sort key
    desired as a braced argument.   Additionally, you may choose to
    ignore all occurences of the characters \, @, <, and - using new
    flags you can specify with @set: `txiindexbackslashignore',
    `txiindexatsignignore', `txiindexlessthanignore', and
    `txiindexhyphenignore' respectively.
  . Changes to macro handling to more closely match makeinfo.  Ends of
    lines are preserved in an argument to a macro taking a single
  . By default, suppress heading line on a page with a chapter on it, to
    avoid having the chapter title repeated.
  . Use a larger font for arguments in a @deffn line and similar.
  . The default indices (cp, ky and so on) now don't get a file opened
    for them unless they are actually used.  This reduces the number of
    files that a run of TeX produces, and also allows for a greater
    number of user-defined indices, because you will not bump into TeX's
    limit of 16 open files at once so soon.
  . For initials in indices that are non-alphanumeric characters (for
    example, backslash, or braces), avoid use of a typewriter font.
    This gives a more consistent appearance.
  . Have a stronger preference for breaking a column in an index before
    a letter heading.
  . Formatting improvements in tables of contents and indices.  Entries
    can extend slightly into the margin instead of being broken across
    two lines, and text is split more evenly across lines.  Reduce
    chance of an orphaned index entry appearing at the top of a column.
  . Support character encodings beyond ASCII for XeTeX and LuaTeX by
    reading file input byte-by-byte.

* texi2dvi:
  . Support for determining the output files using the `-recorder'
    option to TeX, to help to support more TeX engines.

* info:
  . New user variables `link-style', `active-link-style', and
    `match-style' enable customization of how cross-references and search
    matches are highlighted.
  . By default only the node pointers are displayed at the top of a node.
    Customize this with the `nodeline' variable.
  . New command M-x tree-search to search all subnodes of a node.
  . Now tries to find referenced manuals in the same directory as the
    current file first, before looking in search path.  Customize this
    with new variable `follow-strategy'.
  . The `mouse' variable is now off by default, in order not to
    interfere with the selection of text in a terminal emulator window.
  . `q' closes a window instead of quitting altogether if there's more
    than one, for example if a help window is open.
  . Several bug fixes, including:
      . one causing the wrong position in a node to be shown when
        following an "anchor" cross-reference
      . one causing a test failure in the t/
        test on some platforms
  . Internal changes to reduce memory use and increase speed of
    searches, relative to last release
  . The meaning of the `key-time' variable has changed when its value
    is 0.  This value meant to wait forever in the last release, but now
    it means that the next byte must be available immediately.

* Documentation:
  . The `' file (and `info.texi' source) is no longer
    distributed with Texinfo.  Now this manual is only in Emacs.

* Distribution:
  . automake-1.15, gettext-0.19.6.

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