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GDB 7.11.1 released!

From: Joel Brobecker
Subject: GDB 7.11.1 released!
Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 19:01:54 -0700 (PDT)

            GDB 7.11.1 released!

Release 7.11.1 of GDB, the GNU Debugger, is now available via anonymous
FTP.  GDB is a source-level debugger for Ada, C, C++, Objective-C,
Pascal and many other languages.  GDB can target (i.e., debug programs
running on) more than a dozen different processor architectures, and GDB
itself can run on most popular GNU/Linux, Unix and Microsoft Windows

You can download GDB from the GNU FTP server in the directory:

The vital stats:

  Size   md5sum                            Name
  19MiB  5aa71522e488e358243917967db87476  gdb-7.11.1.tar.xz
  34MiB  88401d874046b0ba83f78f30e43c6ad8  gdb-7.11.1.tar.gz

There is a web page for GDB at:

That page includes information about GDB mailing lists (an announcement
mailing list, developers discussion lists, etc.), details on how to
access GDB's source repository, locations for development snapshots,
preformatted documentation, and links to related information around
the net.  We will put errata notes and host-specific tips for this release
on-line as any problems come up.  All mailing lists archives are also
browsable via the web.

GDB 7.11.1 brings the following fixes and enhancements over GDB 7.10:

   * PR remote/19863 (7.10 regression: gdb remote.c due to "setfs" with
     gdbserver < 7.7)
   * PR gdb/19829 (gdb crashes with PT and reverse next)
   * PR gdb/19676 (gdb fails with assert error if /proc is not mounted)
   * PR gdb/19828 (7.11 regression: non-stop gdb -p <process from a
     container>: internal error)
   * PR remote/19840 (gdb crashes on reverse-stepi)
   * PR gdb/19858 (GDB doesn't register the JIT libraries on attach)
   * PR gdb/19958 (Breakpoints/watchpoints broken on MIPS Linux <= 4.5)
   * PR build/20029 (symfile.c ambiguous else warning)
   * PR python/20037 (GDB use-after-free error)
   * PR gdb/20039 (Using MI/all-stop, can't interrupt multi-threaded
     program after continue)

GDB 7.11 brings new features and improvements, including:

* Per-inferior thread numbers (thread numbers are now per inferior instead
  of being global).

* GDB now allows users to specify breakpoint locations using a more
  explicit syntax (named "explicit location").  This feature is also
  available in GDB/MI.

* New convenience variables ($_gthread, $_inferior)

* When hitting a breakpoint or receiving a signal while debugging a
  multi-threaded program, the debugger now shows which thread triggered
  the event.

* Record btrace now supports non-stop mode.

* Various improvements on AArch64 GNU/Linux
  ** Multi-architecture debugging support
  ** displaced stepping
  ** tracepoint support added in GDBserver

* kernel-based threads support on FreeBSD.

* Support for reading/writing memory and extracting values on architectures
  whose memory is addressable in units of any integral multiple of 8 bits.

* In Ada, the overloads selection menu provides the parameter types and
  return types for the matching overloaded subprograms.

* Various remote protocol improvements, including several new packets
  which can be used to support features such as follow-exec-mode, exec
  catchpoints, syscall catchpoints, etc.

* Some minor improvements in the Python API for extending GDB.

* Support for various ROM monitors has been removed:

  target dbug           dBUG ROM monitor for Motorola ColdFire
  target picobug        Motorola picobug monitor
  target dink32         DINK32 ROM monitor for PowerPC
  target m32r           Renesas M32R/D ROM monitor
  target mon2000        mon2000 ROM monitor
  target ppcbug         PPCBUG ROM monitor for PowerPC

For a complete list and more details on each item, please see the
gdb/NEWS file.

Joel Brobecker

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