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GNU Scientific Library 2.2 released

From: Patrick Alken
Subject: GNU Scientific Library 2.2 released
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 10:18:22 -0600
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Version 2.2 of the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is now available. GSL provides a large collection of routines for numerical computing in C.

This release contains new linear algebra routines (Pivoted and Modified Cholesky, Complete Orthogonal Decomposition, matrix condition number estimation) as well as a completely rewritten nonlinear least squares module, including support for Levenberg-Marquardt, dogleg, double-dogleg, and Steihaug-Toint methods.

The full NEWS file entry is appended below.

The file details for this release are:

The GSL project homepage is

GSL is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and contributed improvements.

Patrick Alken


* What is new in gsl-2.2:

** updated gsl_linalg_cholesky_invert to use Level-2 BLAS
   and added function gsl_linalg_pcholesky_invert

** added function gsl_linalg_tri_invert for inverting
   triangular matrices

** fix GSL_EIGEN_SORT_VAL_{ASC,DESC} for nonsymmetric
   eigensystems (Victor Zverovich)

** added complete orthogonal decomposition routines

** bug fix where median calculation wasn't reset in
   gsl_rstat_reset(); added gsl_rstat_quantile_reset() function
   (reported by Pedro Donato)

** added multivariate Gaussian random distribution
   gsl_ran_multivariate_gaussian (Timothée Flutre)

** added functions to estimate the 1-norm reciprocal condition
   number for various matrix factorizations:
     * gsl_linalg_cholesky_rcond
     * gsl_linalg_QRPT_rcond

** added functions gsl_linalg_QRPT_{lssolve,lssolve2} to
   compute least squares solutions with the QRPT decomposition

** added function gsl_permute_matrix()

** added modified Cholesky factorization (gsl_linalg_mcholesky)
   to handle symmetric indefinite matrices

** added pivoted Cholesky factorization (gsl_linalg_pcholesky)
   for ill-conditioned matrices

** rewrote (real) Cholesky decomposition to use
   a Level-2 blas algorithm instead of Level-1. Flop
   count is about the same but the code is much simpler
   and easier to follow

** completely rewritten nonlinear least squares module,
   including support for large problems; the user may
   now control the linear solver used, the trust region
   updating strategy, and the scaling method. In addition,
   support has been added for the geodesic acceleration
   step (Transtrum 2011) which can speed up convergence
   on a wide class of problems.

** added gsl_rstat_rms() for root mean square

** optimized lmniel nonlinear least squares solver
   (bug #46369)

** improved precision in Bessel K0/K1 near x = 2
   (Pavel Holoborodko, bug #47401)

** added support for compressed row storage sparse
   matrices (Alexis Tantet)

** bug fix in convergence check of hypergeometric 2F1
   function (bug #45926)

** added gsl_multilarge_linear_lcurve() to compute
   the L-curve for large linear systems

** updated multilarge normal equations method to use
   new Cholesky scaling for better numerical stability

** added scaling to Cholesky routines to reduce the
   condition number prior to factorization

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