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GNU xorriso 1.4.8 released

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: GNU xorriso 1.4.8 released
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2017 16:46:46 +0200

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libburnia project is pleased to announce the release of version 1.4.8
of GNU xorriso, a ISO 9660 Rock Ridge filesystem manipulator. Available
on GNU FTP mirrors as

It creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with
Rock Ridge extensions. Optionally it supports hard links, ACLs, xattr,
and MD5 checksums.
xorriso can load the management information of existing ISO images and it
writes the session results to optical media or to filesystem objects.
Vice versa xorriso is able to copy file objects from ISO 9660 filesystems
to disk.

A special property of xorriso is that it needs neither an external ISO 9660
formatter program nor an external burn program for CD, DVD or BD but rather
incorporates the libraries of .


* Bug fix: -as mkisofs -no-emul-boot without -boot-load-size defaulted to
           size 4, instead of full boot image size

* Bug fix: -read_fs "norock" did not prevent reading of root Rock Ridge info

* Bug fix: Mix of absolute and relative disk paths could cause SIGSEGV with
           pattern expansion

* Bug fix: --mbr-force-bootable did not get into effect with -append_partition

* Bug fix: Exit value of failed -mount command was reported as 0

* Bug fix: -boot_image actions "keep" and "patch" did not work any more.
           Regression by libisofs 1.4.4.

* New -find tests -maxdepth and -mindepth

* New commands -update_lxi and -update_li

* New -boot_image bootspec iso_mbr_part_type=

* New -as mkisofs option -iso_mbr_part_type

* New -as mkisofs option -eltorito-platform

* Properly refusing on Pseudo Overwritable formatted BD-R

License: GPLv3+

System requirements:
- - GNU/Linux: kernel 2.4 or newer, libc, libpthread
- - FreeBSD  : libc, libpthread, libiconv, IDE and SATA drives need atapicam
- - Solaris  : libc, libpthread, libvolmgt
- - NetBSD   : libc, libpthread
- - OpenBSD  : libc, libpthread
- - on other X/Open systems there will be no direct operation of
  CD/DVD/BD drives, but only POSIX i/o which may or may not
  be offered by the system for DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, or BD-RE.

  libreadline + libreadline-development , or libedit
  zlib + zlib-development
  libbz2 + libbz2-development
  on GNU/Linux: libacl + libacl-development
If they were present at compile time, then the optional libraries have to 
be present at runtime, too.

For more info, see

          is mirrored at
          and .


The xorriso release tarball will soon show up at your local GNU FTP mirror as
(see GNU FTP Mirror List )
It is already now available as

Post bug reports or requests to one of these mailing lists:
or directly to me:

Have a nice day :)


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