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[ANNOUNCE] nano-2.9.0 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.9.0 is released
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2017 12:48:28 +0100
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2017.11.18 - GNU nano 2.9.0 "Eta" introduces the ability to record and
                replay keystrokes (M-: to start and stop recording, M-;
                to play the macro back), makes ^Q and ^S do something
                useful by default (^Q starts a backward search, and ^S
                saves the current file), changes ^W to start always a
                forward search, shows the number of open buffers (when
                more than one) in the title bar, no longer asks to press
                Enter when there are errors in an rc file, retires the
                options '--quiet' and 'set quiet' and 'set backwards',
                makes indenting and unindenting undoable, will look in
                $XDG_CONFIG_HOME for a nanorc file and in $XDG_DATA_HOME
                for the history files, adds a history stack for executed
                commands (^R^X), does not overwrite the position-history
                file of another nano, and fixes a score of tiny bugs.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific bugs that were fixed in this release:  (undoable indenting [request])  (record/replay keystrokes [request])  (check for changed file also for ^S)  (miswrapping of wide Unicode space)  (suppressing warnings kept the beeps)  (cursor flashes on status bar)  (smarthome forgets column position)  (build failure with --enable-tiny)  (mistakenly dottified message)  (cursor disappearing from browser)  (same thing, different circumstances)  (miscolored names for selectedcolor)  (<Up> getting stuck on wide tabs)  (<Down> slipping over wide tabs)  (colored whitespace in help texts)  (miscoloring on Haiku and Gentoo)  (<Up> forgetting position on wide tabs)  (rebinding help could cause crash)  (lack of ^W^Y and ^W^V in help viewer)  (trailing combining characters not 
shown)  (unneeded messages with speech output)  (lingering "Searching..." on status bar)  (inserting other file changed format)

Changes between v2.8.7 and v2.9.0:

Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita (5):
      new feature: the ability to record and play back a series of keystrokes
      new feature: show current and total number of open buffers in title bar
      history: remember the commands that were executed during this session
      history: remember the list of executed commands across sessions
      general: do not free strings gotten from getenv(), to avoid a crash

Brand Huntsman (3):
      history: prevent overwriting of positions between multiple instances
      bindings: allow exiting from the help viewer with F1, like with ^G
      syntax: nanohelp: colorize Up, Down, Left and Right (when not in UTF-8)

Viorel Bota (1):
      files: check for a changed disk file also for 'savefile' and --tempfile

Simon Ochsenreither (1):
      startup: look for nanorc and history files also in the XDG directories

Lion Yang (1):
      input: ensure that standard input uses blocking mode

David Lawrence Ramsey (18):
      build: add history.c to the list of files with translatable strings
      display: don't cut off zero-width characters at the end of a chunk
      docs: decribe the bindable functions 'recordmacro' and 'runmacro'
      docs: document the more everyday names of three bindable functions
      docs: remove man page reference to indent/unindent lacking undo/redo
      files: don't change file format when inserting into an existing buffer
      help: allow firstline and lastline to work at the search prompt
      history: fix the check for an existing $HOME/.nano/ directory
      moving: set the preferred column properly when doing a smart home
      search: don't bother saving and restoring the search direction
      search: trim a failed search string for width instead of length
      softwrap: break before multi-column Unicode blanks when they overshoot
      syntax: nanorc: properly color valid arguments of 'selectedcolor'
      text: hook up indenting and unindenting to the undo/redo code
      text: move the indenting of a single line into its own function
      text: move the unindenting of a single line into its own function
      tweaks: use printf's z modifier for most of the size_t/ssize_t types
      undo: generalize update_comment_undo() into update_multiline_undo()

Benno Schulenberg (104):
      bindings: don't allow calling help when searching in the help viewer
      bindings: make ^Q and ^S do something useful by default
      bindings: make the search function rebindable again in help and browser
      bindings: make ^W start always a forward search (as there is ^Q now)
      browser: place the cursor properly on the selected file when -g is used
      build: let git ignore also the generated PDF file
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 2.9.0 release
      copyright: update some years, and standardize on the dashed format
      display: keep the cursor switched on when resizing the screen
      display: rework the switching on and off of the cursor
      display: stop the help viewer from turning on the multibuffer indicator
      display: switch off the cursor early on during startup
      docs: make it clearer that a Signed-off-by is wanted on patches
      docs: mention that macros work correctly only on terminal emulators
      docs: remove another remark about indenting lacking undo capability
      docs: update references to the nanorc files for the XDG changes
      files: avoid an abortion when excuting a command in a new buffer
      gnulib: update to its current upstream state
      help: don't fall back to other syntaxes if there is no nanohelp one
      history: after loading the lists, mark them as unchanged
      history: remove the migration service for the old searches file
      input: recognize Option+Arrow keys on iTerm2 in "xterm mode"
      moving: don't slither and slide over tabs when they are overlong
      moving: prevent the cursor sticking on or skipping over overwide tabs
      new feature: a bindable function that starts always a backward search
      options: remove '--quiet' and 'set quiet', because they hide problems
      options: retire 'set backwards' -- it's still recognized but a no-op
      organization: move all history-related stuff to its own file
      ouch: set the positions-file name also when using the legacy state dir
      painting: evade an ncurses bug by adding the A_PROTECT attribute
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      search: suppress the "not found" message when replacements were made
      search: suppress the "Search Wrapped" message when doing replacements
      search: wipe reassuring feedback as soon as searching has finished
      startup: don't ask the user to press Enter upon an rcfile error
      startup: don't produce more than three consecutive beeps
      startup: when an rcfile contains errors, report this on the status bar
      syntax: default: use colors that are readable also on dark backgrounds
      titlebar: don't reshow version when dropping back to a single buffer
      titlebar: don't show nano's name and version when in the file browser
      titlebar: drop the prefix "File: " from before the filename
      tweaks: add a translator hint, and adjust two others
      tweaks: adjust a comment, and condense a fragment of code
      tweaks: adjust indentation and comments after the previous change
      tweaks: adjust two comments, and correct and a few cosmetic mistakes
      tweaks: avoid an unused-variable warning with --disable-nanorc
      tweaks: change some mayday messages, to urge the user to report a bug
      tweaks: change the arrows to triangles also for searching in file browser
      tweaks: change the help-text arrows to triangles, to be more visible
      tweaks: chuck a bunch of asserts -- they have lost their usefulness
      tweaks: chuck an assert, and then condense the code and a comment
      tweaks: constify the result strings of getenv(), as a reminder
      tweaks: correct two minor things in the documentation
      tweaks: discard another set of useless asserts
      tweaks: discard some obsolete debugging stuff
      tweaks: don't construct the positions-history filename time and again
      tweaks: drop a bunch of outdated asserts
      tweaks: drop the ineffective cgitrc -- sorting by "age" does not work
      tweaks: elide a comment, and improve a couple of others
      tweaks: elide an unneeded check
      tweaks: elide an unneeded function now that stuff is grouped together
      tweaks: elide a superfluous allocation
      tweaks: elide two variables by using a pointer instead of an index
      tweaks: fix compilation when configured with --disable-histories
      tweaks: fix compilation when configured with --enable-tiny
      tweaks: fix compilation with --enable-tiny --enable-histories
      tweaks: frob a couple of comments
      tweaks: frob some comments and rename a few variables and a function
      tweaks: get rid of some cluttering conditional compilation
      tweaks: improve some comments, and rename a variable for symmetry
      tweaks: make the switching on and off of the cursor a bit more compact
      tweaks: move a general function to the utils.c file
      tweaks: reduce a bit of code duplication
      tweaks: remove a comment from the docs that is no longer accurate
      tweaks: remove another bit of conditional compilation
      tweaks: remove a superfluous no-op function call
      tweaks: remove a useless prefix from a hundred constants
      tweaks: rename a function and swap its two parameters
      tweaks: rename a function plus two parameters, to be more fitting
      tweaks: rename a macro, to make a little more sense
      tweaks: rename a variable, to avoid a possible confusion
      tweaks: rename a variable, to make more sense
      tweaks: rename one variable once more
      tweaks: rename some constants, to follow the same underscoreless scheme
      tweaks: rename three functions, to be shorter or clearer
      tweaks: rename three variables, for more contrast
      tweaks: rename two variables, for contrast, and frob some comments
      tweaks: rename two variables, to be more indicative of what they do
      tweaks: rename two variables, to make a little more sense
      tweaks: reshuffle a bit of code and elide an unneeded variable
      tweaks: reshuffle a couple of lines, and trim some comments
      tweaks: reshuffle some code, and rename a variable
      tweaks: reshuffle some code in order to elide a variable
      tweaks: reshuffle some regexes, for order and compactness
      tweaks: strip four unneeded checks
      tweaks: transform the token DISABLE_COLOR to ENABLE_COLOR
      tweaks: transform the token DISABLE_EXTRA to ENABLE_EXTRA
      tweaks: transform the token DISABLE_HISTORIES to ENABLE_HISTORIES
      tweaks: transform the token DISABLE_JUSTIFY to ENABLE_JUSTIFY
      tweaks: transform the token DISABLE_OPERATINGDIR to ENABLE_OPERATINGDIR
      tweaks: transform the token DISABLE_SPELLER to ENABLE_SPELLER
      tweaks: transform the token DISABLE_WRAPJUSTIFY to ENABLED_WRAPORJUSTIFY
      tweaks: transform the token DISABLE_WRAPPING to ENABLE_WRAPPING
      tweaks: use mnemonic constants instead of TRUE and FALSE



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