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GNU Hyperbole 7.0.1, a.k.a the Wild Turkey Release, is now available

From: Bob Weiner
Subject: GNU Hyperbole 7.0.1, a.k.a the Wild Turkey Release, is now available
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2017 19:48:16 -0500

This is a minor release with a number of small issures resolved and the 
new features:


    - Keyboard Drags: Keyboard emulation of many Smart Mouse Key drag actions.
      See "(hyperbole)Keyboard Drags".
    - Keyboard Help: When {M-o} is bound to the `hkey-operate' command to
      emulate drag depress and release events; when in the release window
      prior to pressing the second {M-o}, {C-h A} now reports the drag
      action associated with the current release point.  See "(hyperbole)C-h A".

    - Ace Window: Integrated Hyperbole item display and link creation with this
      package's direct window selection.  See "(hyperbole)Keyboard Drags".
      You can typically display any Dired or Buffer Menu item in any
      window with a single 3 keystroke command!

    - Smart Treemacs: Smart Key and item drag support for the Treemacs package.
      See "(hyperbole)Smart Key - Treemacs".


    - Fixed Google Contacts support to prompt for authorization only during
      first time use.


For details on what Hyperbole is and how to obtain and install it, see:

For a list of use cases, see:

For a full list of new features in Hyperbole 7, see:

For what users think about Hyperbole, see:

Bob Weiner designed and wrote GNU Hyperbole.  He and Mats
Lidell maintain it with the Free Software Foundation.  It includes
an interactive demo to introduce you to its features as well as a
detailed reference manual, as explained here:

Happy Thanksgiving,

Bob Weiner and Mats Lidell

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