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GNU Octave 4.2.2 Released

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: GNU Octave 4.2.2 Released
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2018 12:38:09 -0500
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The Octave developers are pleased to announce the release of
GNU Octave, version 4.2.2.

Version 4.2.2 is a bug fixing release. The bugs fixed in this release are listed at the end of this message.

We hope you find Octave to be useful. Please help us make it even
better for the future!  See

for ways you can become involved in Octave's development and

for ways to donate to the project.

The source code for Octave 4.2.2 is available for download at:

-rw-r--r-- 1 3003 3002 25624087 Mar 14 11:11 octave-4.2.2.tar.gz -rw-r--r-- 1 3003 3002 15483127 Mar 14 11:11 octave-4.2.2.tar.lz -rw-r--r-- 1 3003 3002 18531988 Mar 14 11:11 octave-4.2.2.tar.xz


  89e1824a238417649d4897cfc474fcba  octave-4.2.2.tar.gz
  e654dbdbab8ff3b753bac66a2445630b  octave-4.2.2.tar.lz
  5b48de1b81f1bf5b39ac0ad778752f4a  octave-4.2.2.tar.xz

Please see for mirror sites around
the world.  Or you may use, which will
redirect automatically to a nearby mirror.

Binaries for Windows systems are available at

Links to binary (executable) versions for other systems will be
listed at as they become

As always, many people contributed to this Octave release.  A complete
list of contributors may be found in the Octave manual.

About Octave:

GNU Octave is a high-level interpreted language, primarily intended
for numerical computations.  It provides capabilities for the
numerical solution of linear and nonlinear problems and for
performing other numerical experiments.  It also provides extensive
graphics capabilities for data visualization and manipulation.  Octave
is normally used through its interactive command line interface, but
it can also be used to write non-interactive programs.  The Octave
language is quite similar to Matlab so that most programs are easily
portable.  A full description of Octave capabilities is available at

Summary of bugs fixed for version 4.2.2:

Using the bug numbers listed below, find bug reports on the web using
the URL

 ** make leftdiv work for scalar \ int-matrix (bug #51682)

** inputdlg.m: Avoid crash when prompt and defaults sizes differ (bug #53209)

 ** tie octave_classdef::numel method to "numel" user override method
    (bug #46571)

** fix performance of Sparse fsolve for complex sparse matrices (bug #53140)

 ** fix performance of Sparse fsolve (bug #53140)

** No repetition of Name in Comment field and start I10n
    (bug #53078)

 ** don't create partially invalid graphic objects (bug #52904)

 ** test for incorrect regexprep on ARM platforms (bug #52810)

 ** fix incorrect regexprep on ARM platforms (bug #52810)

** correctly handle reading of characters >127 in scanf family (bug #52681)

 ** fix addpath for UNC paths on Windows (bug #51268)

 ** protect being-deleted objects on figure list from second deletion
    (bug #52666)

 ** dlmwrite.m: Close fid if filename is only one char long (bug #52679)

 ** set gnuplot color data to half output range when autoscaling zero input
    range (bug #52624)

 ** add polarplot() to the list of unimplemented functions (bug #52643)

 ** Fix test for Java version (bug #52617)

** for gnuplot toolkit, do not map TrueColor data to colormap size (bug #52599)

 ** make wheel scroll behave more consistently in pan mode (bug #52588)

 ** make gnuplot color have three components for interpolated edge color
    (bug #52595)

** simplify gnuplot toolkit scripts for image/non-image data plots (bug #52589)

** fix concatenation of empty char matrices with other strings (bug #52542)

 ** build: Fix compiling OCTAVE_ARPACK_OK_2 Fortran code (bug #52425)

 ** trisurf.m, trimesh.m: Fix input validation (bug #48109)

** allow uncommenting in editor when line begins with whitespace (bug #52406)

** do not extend selection when indenting/commenting in editor (bug #45610)

** remove all delimiters from whitespace list in textscan function (bug #52479)

 ** calculate 1-norm of matrices to assess whether NaN or Inf are present
    (bug #39000)

** prevent extra ampersand under KDE in cd-or-add-to-path dialog (bug #52423)

 ** plotyy.m: Fix error when using FUN2 argument (bug #48115)

 ** check ARPACK library for buggy behavior in configure (bug #52425)

 ** fix printing integer type images (bug #51558)

 ** fix segfault in delaunayn when Qhull memory is not properly cleared
    (bug #52410)

 ** fix segfault with CHOLMOD library and empty matrices (bug #52365)

** tag global and persistent symbols as variables when parsing (bug #52363)

** properly restore the input stream pointer at end of textscan (bug #52116 et

 ** fix building with Qt4 for Windows (bug #52237)

** ensure numeric values are passed for the axes "clim" property (bug #52053)

 ** avoid abort on exit from GUI (bug #50664)

** correct auto limits on log axes with negative and zero values (bug #51861)

 ** fix warning in quadgk with zero size interval (bug #51867)

 ** sparse: correctly handle scalar column index (bug #51880)

 ** fix segfault in ichol under certain conditions (bug #51736)

** configure: ensure empty pkg-config results are actually empty (bug #51680)

 ** fix 'legend hide' for gnuplot (bug #50483)

 ** qqplot.m: Fix typo in input validation (bug #51458)

 ** add possible '\r' to smartindent regex exprepression (Bug #51279)

 ** make strncmp case sensitive again (bug #51384)

 ** fix possible infinite loop in normest1.m (bug #51241)

** also run unwind protect cleanup code on interrupt exceptions (bug #51209)

 ** fix crash when inverting complex matrices with NaNs (bug #51198)

 ** improve accuracy of residue for inputs with very different magnitudes
    (bug #51148)

 ** publish.m: Fix corruption of results for some code inputs (bug #51178)

** residue.m: Remove code that filters out small return values (bug #34266, bug

 ** avoid possible double free at interpreter exit (bug #51088)

** show stack trace for errors in command line and startup files (bug #49346)

** interp1.m: Return NA for all columns which are out of bounds (bug #51030)

 ** use idx_type for dimensions instead of int (bug #50934)

 ** show stack trace for wrong type arg errors (bug #50894)

 ** let mouse selection of Qt figures update "currentfigure" (bug #50666)

 ** disable qscintilla editor drag and drop so parent will handle it (Bug

 ** quadgk.m: Correct error messages which point to quadv (bug #50604)

 ** set version on AppUserModelId (Bug #50428)

 ** version-rcfile: Don't try to execute startup directory, only startup.m
    (bug #50593)

 ** dlmread: Return empty matrix when requested range is outside data
    (bug #50102)

** fix eigs for generalized nonsymmetric and shift-invert problems (bug #39573)

 ** fix eigs for the generalized eigenvalue problem (bug #50546)

 ** datetick.m: Fix uneven range bugs (bug #50493)

 ** datenum.m: Correct calculation for fractional leap years (bug #50508)

 ** datenum.m: Allow horizontal vectors of dates with fractional months
    (bug #50508)

** datenum.m: Accept legal input of vectors with fractional months (bug #50508)

** fix the anchor position in the info text of the doc browser (bug #50422)

 ** fix order of legend labels with plotyy axes (bug #50497)

** correct hggroup plot legends for gnuplot toolkit, add legend demo 17 items
    (bug #49341)

 ** for gnuplot graphics toolkit, show only one key entry for errorbars
    (bug #49260)

 ** fix compilation of jit caused by cset d0562b3159c7 (bug #50398)

** remove inline keyword on file_stat destructor which breaks MacOS compilation
    (bug #50234)

Documentation bugs fixed:

 ** playblocking.m: Correct documentation about start and limits inputs
    (bug #51217)

 ** fix eig output argument description (bug #50524)

** remove backslashes before double quotes in m-file docstrings (bug #52870)

 ** tweaks to use single quotes instead of double quotes (bug #52870)

 ** correct fieldname of returned struct in ver (bug #52845)

 ** cleanup @code example in Appendix on test functions (bug #52852)

 ** fixes for signal, image, audio, and OOP chapters (bug #52844)

** fix issues in geometry, polynomial, and interpolation chapters (bug #52835)

 ** fix TeX documentation for qp and clarify size of inputs (bug #52829)

 ** correct errors in Diagonal matrix chapter of manual (bug #52814)

 ** replace @math{1e^{XXX}} sequences with raw 1eXXX (bug #52827)

 ** use '...' rather than deprecated '\' for line continuation (bug #52828)

 ** make documentation Sec 26.1 more consistent and Sec 25.4 clearer
    (bug #52685)

 ** documentation fixes for linspace, logspace, lookup (bug #52785)

 ** atan2d.m: Correct documentation to match atan docstring (bug #52786)

 ** small tweaks to fplot and surfnorm docstrings (bug #52761)

 ** rewrite documentation for Advanced Indexing (bug #52723)

 ** delete extra ']' in scanf docstring (bug #52742)

 ** fix mistaken use of space between function and '(' in documentation
    (bug #52723)

 ** fix various inconsistencies in manual (bug #52712)

 ** fix typo in cset 8354b505ad6b (bug #52702)

 ** fix inconsistencies with char, strvcat, strread docstrings (bug #52702.

 ** explain Matlab compatibility of fopen modes (bug #52644)

 ** update documentation for keywords to include classdef statements
    (bug #52591)

 ** fix documentation of third input to lsode() (bug #52664)

** clarify quiver/quiver3 documentation when a linestyle is given (bug #52608)

 ** new section about classdef classes with example (bug #44590)

 ** correct surface plot explanation of  meshgridded results of 1 input
    (bug #52536)

 ** fix definition of Delaunay triangulation in docstrings (bug #52416)

 ** accumarray.m: Add '@' to function handles in docstring (bug #52418)

 ** update manual to explain \deg and \circ symbols (bug #52287)

 ** correct documentation for randg (bug #52118)

 ** add documentation about PCRE library regexp stack overflow (bug #51589)

** play.m: Correct documentation about start and limits inputs (bug #51217)

 ** redo docstring for qz (bug #50846)

** describe optional install dependencies PortAudio and SUNDIALS (bug #50513)

 ** update CITATION date, version, and permalink to manual (bug #47058)

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